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Hi I noticed that some one already posted a similar question and that answered most of my questions about this subject. I still have a few other questions though.
I am a 12B and an E-4 in the national guard. I'm trying to apply for the army IPAP program, but I was thinking about reclassing to 68W in the mean time for experience.
I already have my EMT-B and I heard that that will shorten the training. If so, then how much does that shorten the school?

I am also married and live in San Antonio. I was wondering if I could just go home after the training each day instead of living in the barracks?
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Im not sure about IPAP. I'm assuming you have the college requirements knocked out, if not do that first. I've seen one Medic get a go for IPAP and she wasn't really high speed just had an aire of Officer about her and knew her MOS. Another buddy of mine is a medic 19 months TIS just got pinned E5 today and has a BioChem BS. He is trying to get into the program too. Being a medic first seems to be the way many go.

As for your other question.. I am a can do kind of guy and I don't let people keep me down or locked down. You will have a room to maintain on post but your evenings and weekends are yours. Be careful.

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