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My first choice MOS would be a Fire Fighter 12M, but I am hearing that is rare slot hard to get. So my question is, if I am wanting to be a civilian fire fighter when I get out of the army, would a 68W(Health Care Specialist/combat medic) be the next best MOS to promote my future civilian goals? All suggestions welcome. Thanks
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I would just go ahead and take Firefighter (12M) off of your list of jobs in the Army. I say this because it is an extremely hard slot to get. I have been on recruiting for almost 3 years now and have never seen it show up for anyone or even any of my collegues say they have seen it. Truth be told most of the fire stations on the posts that I have been on have all been worked by civilian contractors.

Not saying that you 100% won't get it, but if the Army is something you truly want to do, don't wait around for this one tough slot to open up.

To answer your other question, I think that 68W would be a pretty good choice. Not only is it a good job in the Army it would probably be pretty good to get into the Fire Services on the outside.
Yes, unfortunately I assumed just that. That's why I wanted to know if the 68W would be my next best choice. Even as a civilian I assume I will have trouble getting on with the fire dept here in Houston so I want to make sure I really build my resume accordingly to give me an advantage among applicants when/if I leave the army and return to civilian life.
I see upon completion of AIT I receive my EMT-B, but see comments that the EMT-B certification is seldom used in the civilian world. If I want to do further EMT schooling on my own while I'm in the Army but as an active duty 68W and taking care of a family (I am married w/ 2 very young children) is that work load even going to be manageable in your opinion?
Thanks for the input, greatly appreciate it.
It all depends on your motivation and your duty station. While in garrison it could be completely possible. I won't go as far as saying that being in garrison is a 9 to 5 job, but it is pretty managable.

As a 68W you can have a couple different posistions within your unit, each one will have a different tempo in the work schedule. Either way, you should have some time to figure everything out and get your schooling in. Just keep in mind that you more than likely won't be able to just jump right into it all when you get out of AIT. You'll probably need a little bit when you get to your duty station to get into the swings of your new life.

Also, since your married, I will assume that you should have some help from your spouse. Which will help out alot. I myself am married with 3 children, and I can find time (even as a recruiter) to still further my education.
If you think 12M is going to be the best MOS for you, you need to look at the USAR.

I've never met a Regular Army 12M, but I've known dozens in the Reserve. You will of course be limited to what is in your area, and they are not the most common of units (I could tell you about Kansas, but not Texas off the top of my head)

Houston FD has its requirements published online. I doubt 12M meets the certified firefighter/EMT criteria. 68W might, but I don't know enough about the terminology. If it doesn't, 68W might not be any more useful to you than 11B.

If the MOS isn't going to help you on the certification, I often recommend 74D as a resume enhancer for emergency management positions.

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