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Does the IPAP program require reservists to serve a minimum amount of time before they will be excepted?

I am currently a junior getting my degree in Kinesiology. I am considering taking a year off and joining the army reserves as a 68W M6 and then applying for the army's IPAP. In the mean time I would get my vocational nurse license in California and work as that while I finish my bachelors and work towards getting into a civilian pa school as a back up plan. I would really like to due the armies pa program. How likely is it that I could get in relatively quickly? Does being in the reserves make me less likely to receive ipap training especially for such a short time?Does anyone know what a 68WM6 might be doing in San Diego? What about a physicians assistant? Any help would be amazing!!!
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You will be wasting your time to try to do so many things if your goal is the IPAP program. One of my soldiers leaves this Saturday for Fort Sam Houston to begin the IPAP. He was selected as a Reserve 68WM6 E-5 with a combat tour and a year mobilization as a medical NCO at Westpoint.

Enlist as a 68WM6 (soon to be its own MOS) and expect to be in school for almost 2 years, including Basic Training. You will have to complete your initial enlistment obligation before applying to the IPAP more than likely so plan on 4-6 years out. Also, the IPAP isn't the "armies pa program", it's a PA Program for all branches.

As a 68WM6 in San Diego, you'd probably be in the Reserve hospital unit there. Your wartime mission would be to backfill Army Hospitals when the active duty M6's deploy. If you deployed, you would most likely be in a Combat Support Hospital in the ICU or ICW. They also have humanitarian missions but your weekend drills and annual training won't be very exciting.

As a M6 or a PA in the Reserves, you won't do much unless you're mobilized or deployed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need contact info for the regional medical recruiter for Southern California.

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