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I am a 68X with 6 years in service. I did not want to re enlist but i was told if I didnt I would have been extended and PCS-ed anyway. well It has been 2 years since I was told I had to re enlist (yeah i did it) and I'm stationed in Alaska at Fort Wainwright. My section is under strengthed, the enlisted (2 of us) are over worked and our OIC is constantly pushing more work on us. I want to relcass to another medical MOS (and finally make my e-5) Are there any suggestions as to what job would be good? No 68W either, Ive deplolyed and dont want that job. Also If I reclass will I come back to Alaska? My wife is also Army and is pregnant so I dont want to be at a different duty station than she is. Im just frustrated with the job abd have 2 years left. I just dont want this MOS anymore. I need some advice before I do something stupid to get out of this clinic.....like combat arms....
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So does that mean that I'm stuck in this MOS forever? I've been promotable for 5 years and still cant make my e-5. I cannot imagine doing what my old NCOIC did, he retired with 22 years in and was only an e-6. I figured out I want 68A and then want to apply for the cooresponding warrent officer job. Is there nothing I can do to get this MOS? I really want to stay in the Army but it seems like I'm stuck in this MOS that I hate.

I'm not allowed to go to school to finish my degree per my OIC. I am not allowed to do any military training, classes, or TDY. I'm stuck in a place where I can not better myself or advance my career because of this over zealous OIC. When I leave here I'll have 8 years TIS and will probably be an e-4. Dont mind me I'm just ranting now....
I'm researching several medical careers before deciding on the best option. The good thing about your remarks is that it tells me that it shouldn't be hard to get this job if I decide I want it. What I wonder is why you "hate" this job? Is it just because you're overworked, and haven't advanced in rank as much as w
expected? I'd think that the beautiful part of this job is helping people heal their minds and emotions, which is probably the most powerful and important healing a person can do. How much of your time is spent actually counseling people vs. menial paperwork and such? Also, what does this qualify you to do outside of the Army, if anything? Or would college be required for any related civilian job?
I'm actually a GS employee now. I ets-ed after numerous failed attempts at progession in my career. I eventually made e-6, but did not have much support from my unit persuing education outside of the military. While I enjoyed my job the people i worked with made it difficult to enjoy the work I did. 68X DOES NOT translate to the civilian world without civilian education and lots of it. i would suggest something that would make gettign a job post military easier.
68XZSJ is absolutely correct in what he is stating; This is not just a single duty station problem of overworking the 68X and underappreciating the capacities that he/she holds. I have been a 68X for almost 10yrs and the only time I appreciated my job was when I was deployed. I am on my 3rd duty assignment and am ready to flip desks and punch holes in walls to avoid blowing up on the wrong person. Thanks to the work load I have I have not been able to attend college simply because I couldnt even unglue my butt from my desk for even a few minutes to go to the ed center to submit my TA request. It finally took me just flat out telling people to F*** Off to get this accomplished but even now that I am enrolled in 1 college night class I still have a hard time getting to this class in a timely manner.
To warn everyone thinking about the 68X MOS STAY AWAY FROM MEDDAC!!! It is a good job to have for the honorable work we do assisting Soldiers with life skills and what not but the reality is there is too much politics in the MOS and all other MOSs in the Army percieve us as the POGE of POGES which is really pathetic and demoralizing. especially when you can outpreform alot of these Soldiers in any of there basic Soldiering skills and PT. I personally could go combat arms if I chose but I am trying to think for my family in what I want. I am a career Soldier myself but if I can't get out of this MOS than I very well may follow the same footsteps as 68XZSJ. Good luck to anyone persuing this MOS as a career field because if you even happen to make it past SSG than you must be able to walk on water. This is a DEAD END MOS!

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