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I was recently promoted to SSG and I am currently in the process of being looked at for transfer into 11th BN ARCD as a 79V. I have gotten an OK from the first in line for approval and I am waiting for 2 more approvals above him. Then I should get orders for transfer as TPU.

My questions are:

What duties should I expect as a TPU ARCC? How often will I be working (drilling)?

I've had an AGR Application open for a few months and was put on the consideration list.
What would I do next to get an AGR position as a 79V? Also how long would the process take, considering I'm already on the consideration list.

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Duties are outlined in USAR reg 140-6. You will most likely focus on retention, but I've seen plenty of TPU ARCCs with a IRR-SELRES mission.

Drill generally once a month like any other TPU. We invariably RST. Normally 1 week AT periods.

For AGR, it's mostly a matter of convincing your SGM to hire you. It only need take a month, but more often closer to 6.

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