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I am slotted to goto Ft Leonard Wood, Mo on 22 Jan. I was just wandering what it is like as a transition student. I have been a 14T driving 5tons hemitts, and humvees for 9 years now. Will I be stuck with the regular AIT students or do we have our own set of rules ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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hey sgt owens how are you doing i had a question for you I am a 42a right now and reclassing to 88m in july i have teh same question you had I was wondering how is ait are you with teh new soldiers or you somewhere else I am qualified on alot of teh vehicles already do I have to go through trainign again or they let you skip that part of teh trainign how is the barracks and what is requirement for us to bring far as military gear far as uniform and ta 50 and what did you all graduate in acus or class a's any information will be greatly appreciated thank you

sgt stripling
In B CO 58 trans our MOS-T's lived in housing similair to Geographical Bachelors here on FT DRUM, it's basically a bedroom with a shared bathroom and dining area. You share the place with 10-15 other guys / girls on the floor.

You have your own Platoon, you fall in next to your IET Soldiers Platoon, you are basically a secondary Platoon based off of the IET Soldiers Platoon in otherwords. Our MOS-Ts did their own PT, but took PT Tests, MOS Training, Ranges, and Field Excercises with us. They were allowed to drink, but no alcohol in their quarters. They were allowed to go off post every day except Field Excercises and could put in for Mileage passes during the weekends.

Overall you are treated as the Soldiers you are. Unless your Platoon is jacked the hell up, our PSG smoked the crap out of the MOS-T's once to get them back on the right track. It was funny because two of the Soldiers in training out ranked the PSG from TIG. Ah gotta love the whole instructor > general military authority when it comes to training though.

I am reclassing to 11B now, and I am not expecting any of these freedoms, I've heard mixed reviews for 11B MOS-T's.

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