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I've just DEP'd in, and am trying to get 88N. Are there any Soldiers around who are or were 88N? If so, would you be willing to tell me things about the job and your experience doing it? No limits here. I'm excited to get this MOS, so I want to hear everything about it. Plus, there aren't many stories about it online. Mostly 88Mike and such.

Thanks in advance!
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I recently reclassed to 88N from 88H, while I don't have much experience as a 88N as yet...I can tell you it's the best MOS out of the 88 series...promotion is very good up to E7 then slows down, lots of great assignments....and hope you like computers because you spend a great amount if time with computers using the various systems that we use. There is a FB page for 88Ns with lots of help from well knowledgeable 88Ns in the field...just look up 88N CMF on there.
I don't have FB yet, but you should still link me for when I get around to making one!

Is there still a minimal security clearance required? How do the computer systems work with the logistics? What, in your opinion, makes it the best MOS? I have a lot of questions, yes. But I'm really excited about possibly getting this MOS!

I recently join ASG and found your post. Though your psot may be almost two year old, I wanted to add some insight.

I'd been an 88N since 1984, when it was 71N, until my retirement in 2006. I served in both Reserves and Active capacities. The TMC is an excellent MOS which can take you around the world. Before my retirement, the Army had just opened the WO program for 88N.

I sevred as a Training NCO, Admin NCO, QA NCOIC, Special Operations Support Section Leader, Battle Staff NCO, Platoon Sergeant, acting First Sergeant, and AC/RC Liaison (Instructor/Writer for TRADOC).

During my reserve years, I served with the 313th Trans Battalion in Baltimore, MD (Curtis Bay). Having a boat company on hand for training, I was much further in my experiences when I went Active Duty. I also served in Germany at Rhein Main Air Base during the first Gulf War. So, being on a joint assisgnment with the Air Force was also a blast.

The 88N MOS has alot of applications for the civilian workforce. Travel Agent, Relocation Agent, Ship and Aircraft loading. UPS and Fed-EX uses 88Ns at many of their hubs along with manyof the trucking companies.

Just ensure that you take as many of the supplemental training at Fort Eustis like ADLP, UMOC, TC-AIMS II and TOPS.

Hope this helps you in your 88N career.


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