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I am an E-5 non-promotable and I have been making requests for ALC CC and Phase 2 for the last 2 years now. My issue is that everytime my request goes up it gets denied because of to many E-6 and E-7s still needing one part or another of ALC. What can I do differently from sending the request to G1 here in Hawaii to get class dates?
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Why not invest that time and effort into getting promoted? Ask to go to some NCO of the whatever boards if you're not ready for a promotion board.

Why would they grant a waiver so a non promotable E5 can jump ahead of an E7 in line? Those E6s and E7s are supposed to have that school. There are things in the army you can control and things you can't. Manage your time wisely by concentrating on what you can more easily affect.

EDIT: I just noticed you're getting a packet together, so you need ALC. Getting yourself promoted or at least promotable will pay dividends. Also, you're more likely to get ALC common core if you're promotable.
I have been working on getting to a Promotion Board over the last almost 3 years, but being a 91B in an Aviation unit makes me the lowest priority for Promotion Boards. I was just hoping that someone has gone a different route to get ALC so I have more cards to force the issue to my unit.
Who is your rater on your NCOERs? Who is your immediate supervisor? Have you talked about other boards to prove you're ready? Have you asked about professional development and what kind of performance your supervisor wants to see?

I've been in aviation units my entire career and I have never observed another MOS being barred from promotion because they're not aviation. There's a lot more than aviation in a CAB.

You need to be talking to your supervisor about all of this. The first person I talked to about a warrant packet was my immediate supervisor. I let my 1SG know what I planned on doing and went to talk to the CDR (with my boss). If those people are against you being a warrant or an E6, then you might want to find out why and what it'll take to change those attitudes.

Nothing is set in stone. Few supervisors will never allow for improvement in a subordinate. A dramatic improvement makes them look good.
It has not been my direct supervisor but the Battalion Command Team. They enacted a rule that you have to win a Soldier of the Month/NCO of the Month Board to be eligible for a Promotion Board. My platoon and even company would send packets month after month to the Battalion and even to the Brigade levels but they always got kicked back.

If we cannot even attend a NCO of the Month Board then we will never have the chance to go to the Promotion Board. I do believe its because they do not want to have to get rid of the E-6s that we do have due to the MTOE being overstrength in that slot. That is just a belief though.

I think I will just study over the next 6 months and try again after I PCS to another unit.
As far as the rater/NCOER question.

I have had a different rating scheme for every NCOER due to positions being switched between all of the E-6s that we have in the Motorpool. One month it might be one then 3 months later it will be another. Makes for one heck of a time getting NCOERs straight.
Brother, I would just keep going up the support channel until someone sent me to the NCO of the month board. These are just guesses from me, though as I don't know how everything rolls in your unit. I've not met a 1sg who is opposed to his guys going to boards.
Damn near impossible. I'm a 91B and made cutoff a couple months ago. No one is going to do anything for you. You are going to have to make things happen on your own. Trust me. I'm in an Aviation unit as well. I had to write my own 4187 to attend the MTT for ALC that came to Drum. I wasn't even on the list, even though my S3 assured me that I was. I showed up and received a slot due to others not showing. Once I graduated I was informed about the ALC CC. Again, no one helped me. I emailed HRC and informed them of my situation. I was promotable, had 550+ points, and had TIS/TIG on almost every other E5 91B that I knew of in the unit. The OML for ALC goes SFC, SSG(P), SSG, SGT(P) so, it's really hard for you to be given a slot when there are so many ahead of you. I'd suggest going to the board. Hearing the excuse of "well we are lowest priority" is bullshit. There isn't a cutoff for how many soldiers can go to the promotion board each month. I feel for you as I've been in a unit like this before. That was just my experience before I earned my SSG. Good luck with yours

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