I recently joined and signed to be 92A. but while at MEPS, they were real vague on what it is that they actually do. pretty much all they said is im in supply and that i would be on a computer all day. could i get some details about this position?
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As a 92A, I can tell you all kinds of things that you might do. What will you do? That's a little harder ... allow me to ramble for a bit :wink:

You are supply, but you only work with Class IX, which is vehicle repair parts. You could end up in the motor pool, where you will work with the ULLS system doing things like ordering parts, picking up parts, turning in parts, dispatching vehicles, updating the vehicle maintenance sheets, and several other paperwork related details.

Or, you could end up in a warehouse, where you will receive parts, log them into the SARSS system, find a place on the shelf to store them, pull them back off the shelf to ship them somewhere else, and a few other things.

Or, you could wind up in an MMC, or a CSSAMO or a few other places. But more than likely, I'll say you'll find yourself in the motor pool.

That's not a bad thing mind you, between my motor pool and warehouse experience, I've learned how to drive a Hummer, a 2 1/2 ton truck, a 5 ton cargo truck, a 5 ton bobtail with 30' and 40' trailer, a HEMTT, and every forklift from the 2 ton indoor forklift to the 50 ton RTCH.

If you have any other questions, you can Email me at kevin.bradley@us.army.mil.
to get an idea of what to expect in AIT, go here [url]http://schools.armystudyguide.com/link_out/Quartermaster_School.htm[/url]

click on courses, then 92A course, it will give you some basics. If you follow the duty descriptions by skill level link, you'll find everything you should be able to do (you atart at skill level 10)

please note that you will not be required to do ALL those duties, it all depends on the mission of whatever unit you are assigned to.
That is only half true. While alphas work with computers, there are times when you won't touch one. As a 92a you can work just about anywhere. There 9 classes of supply not just the one that was mentioned in a previous post. While in Germany I worked in a warehouse with classes 2,3,4, and 7. Which is basically pertroleum, oil, office supplies, some vehicles part and things that soldiers use to train. 92A are needed every where not just in warehouses. You could be stuck in a nice cushy office all day working with senior enlisted and officers. There are so many things that we do. It is supply but the type totaly depends on where you are stationed. So good luck
Where I'm at 92A's used to work in our ration room, (dfac) But then again, this isn't your normal Army post. Currently 92A's assigned to my unit work hand in hand with the 92Y's in the unit's supply room. They also are the armor and whatever else the unit uses them for.
Let me give you advice, before you ship out go to MEPS and change your MOS cause this MOS sucks as far as promotions. If your looking to stay in for 20 the promotion to Staff Sergeant is tuff the points never go below 798. That means you have to Max PT, Weapons, board, commanders eval,mil. ed, civ ed., and awards. That means if you can't shoot your not gettin promoted, if you dont have awards your not gettin promoted, you see what im saying. If you want a quartermaster job pick 92Y. The SSG points are reachable without having to be Captain America and maxing out everything. for 92A the points for Sgt are reachable but compaired to other MOSs their pretty high. There are alot of things you can do as a 92A but like I said if your doin 20 you might wanna re-consider and choose another MOS.
I agree pretty much with everyone that contributed. 92A for me A means anything lol anyways u can end up working usually in the motorpool or the SSA most of the times. As far as promotion most soldiers end up being stuck as E-5 or reclass it's very hard to get promoted since the points never drop.
If you need any more info let us know. Yeah ULLS-G is no longer in effect we use SAMS-E now which is much practical and easier to use.
I know that this is an old post but i have to say something.
I agree with others, as a 92A you can work in a lot of places, but i noticed that nobody mentioned that you can also work in an aviation unit as a Tech Supply. I don't think that too many people know that, i didn't know neither untill i found myself assigned to an aviation unit. I also found out that as a 92A assigned to work as Tech Supply will make you eligible for ASI(additional skill identifier), but ofcourse that you have to go to school in order to be awarded the ASI(1week and 4 days in FT.Lee).

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