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Hi All,
My MOS is 92A. I am very small and skinny so that I don't know if this 92A is suitable for female. Also, I want to choose Germany as my permanent duty station, do you think I can get it? (I understand all depends on the needs of the government.) Thanks so much.
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92A - Automated Logistical Specialist = [b:d563fe141a]Supply[/b:d563fe141a]

As long as you meet the Army standards for height/weight...you will be able to do this job.

As far as skill levels...each skill level corresponds with a rank:

E1-E4 - Skill level 1 (10 level)
E-5 - Skill level 2 (20 level)
E-6 - Skill level 3 (30 level)
As a 92A SGT, I can tell you that very little of our MOS is physical. Of course, this is also dependant on what type of unit you get into. A warehouse unit will have you lifting equipment and carrying it around, shipping and receiving parts, putting them in boxes and shelves, etc

a motor pool will have you lifting starters, generators, batteries, tires, basic mechanical parts

as for Germany, if you plan on staying in and have not reenlisted yet, then tell your reenlistment NCO you want to reenlist for Germany. You should have no problems getting it then.

you will always have other people around you to help. You should have no problem being a 92A
Hi All and Bradmeister,

They said I will be Specialist E4 if I finish my degree before shipping, so as a E 4 Specialist, my job for 92A is the same as E4 SGT?

As for Germany, you said: "If you plan on staying in and have not reenlisted yet, then tell your reenlistment NCO you want to reenlist for Germany. You should have no problems getting it then."

The "reenlisted" as you said, means that when they assign me a permanent duty station toward the end of AIT, I should tell NCO about Germany. Is it correct?

As from the Press, the Army bases in Germany will withdraw from Germany starting 2006, so that I wonder if I can get the Germany as my permanent duty station? Also, I need the advice on which Army base in Germany to write on my dream sheet for assignment.

Thanks so much.
E-4 is the building block of being a E-5 SGT. E-4 is where you starting picking up more leadership skills and start to get put in charge of troops. Re-enlistment is when you start to reach the end of your original contract and you talk to a re-enlistment NCO about your options to extend your contract. For germany you should talk to your recruiter or the career counselor at your MEPS. Not sure if once you ship for basic you will be able to get it still.
my bad there, thought you were already in.. that's why I mentioned reenlistment.

like sergeant_commo said, talk to your recruiter about getting assigned to Germany. As to which post, that will be up to DA unless you know someone at that post, sometimes they can help get you there.

Sergeant (SGT) is E5, the next step for an E4. Hopefully you are a fast learner, because you will be given more responsibility right off the bat because you'll be an E4. It's not a difficult job, but it is more mental than physical. You'll be dealing with people who have no clue what they are talking about, but will still claim they know your job better than you.
Hi All,

I am sorry I have had so many questions. But I am so curious how my army life will be as a 92 A.
I would like to know the average day for 92A? is it like 9am - 5pm like other regular works? When I get to my permanent duty station, what time will I need to wake up? to go to bed every night? Do I have to do pt at my permanent duty station? Thanks so much for your info.
Big Grin - Don't worry about all the questions...that's what this site is for.

As far as the PT at your Permanent Duty Station....yes....you will do PT at least 4 days out of the week, usually around 6 am. PT usually lasts for about 1 - 1.5 hours.

You won't have an assigned bed time or "light's out" ... you go to sleep whenever you want to. During Basic and AIT, you will have a "light's out" but I don't remember what times those were.

As far as the average day...I'll leave that one for Bradmeister. Smiler
[quote:cd03e22970]I am sorry I have had so many questions. [/quote:cd03e22970]
I love questions!!!!!!!!!!!!! never think you are inconvienencing (sp?) us by asking questions

ok, let's see what we've got:
[quote:cd03e22970]I am sorry I have had so many questions. But I am so curious how my army life will be as a 92 A. I would like to know the average day for 92A? is it like 9am - 5pm like other regular works?[/quote:cd03e22970]
This question is a little difficult, because there are different types of units a 92A can go to ... but for most units yes, the work day is 9 am to 5 pm ... give or take an hour or so

[quote:cd03e22970]When I get to my permanent duty station, what time will I need to wake up? to go to bed every night? [/quote:cd03e22970]
Once you get to your permanent duty station, it will be up to you to get to formation on time. Depending on where you are, that will be anywhere from 5 am to 6:30am.

[quote:cd03e22970]Do I have to do pt at my permanent duty station? [/quote:cd03e22970]
Yes. This is pretty much a point blank question.

[quote:cd03e22970]Thanks so much for your info.[/quote:cd03e22970]
anytime ... and if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask
my daily schedule looks like this:

06:00 - 07:00 PT
07:00 - 09:00 personal hygiene, eat, get ready for work
09:00 - 11:30 work
11:30 - 13:00 lunch
13:00 - 17:00 work
off till next day, Saturday and Sunday off

keep in mind that different units may have different time schedules, but this is the *basic* schedule I've had in my 10 years of service. Also, depending on field exercises, special details, missions etc you may have to work on the weekends or past 17:00.
I am small and skinny (5'6", 110lbs) 92A female that was stationed in Germany, as my 1st duty station.

My first unit was under the 1st Infantry Division, I was with the 201st FSB in Vilseck, Germany.

As a 92A stationed right next to Grafenwohr, we worked our tails off. I worked in a warehouse and we worked 0900-1145 M-F and 0700-1900 Saturdays and Sunday was off. That is how it was for the 1st few months, then we got deployed to Bosnia and worked 16 hour shifts (8 hours on, 8 hours off, 8 hours on, and so on) per 24 hour period. When we came back from Bosnia we worked 0900-2030 sometimes we got off around 1900 and sometimes later. We had most of our weekends back and a 3 day weekend was rare, a 4 day was non existant for us. Moral was very, very low, but it made me a stronger person and the difficult experiances in life, I find, are rewarding in the end.

That's how it was for me for two years. It was tough.

Then I went to my next duty station in Kansas and it was so much less work. Then I had a normal 0900-1700 shift. It was great. I was shop office clerk and you can't beat that.

I found that being a 92A, working in a warehouse is the worst. I didn't like it much, but that's just me. I had a bad experience with it.
I have a best friend who is a 92A female. It took her a long time to get promoted to SGT and she has 796 points now hoping she'll make SSG. Try to take correspondence courses during your free time and if your schedule allows take a class or two at the education center...start working on your next rank.
[quote:11e871ad5a="Bradmeister"][quote:11e871ad5a="CAT"]and she has 796 points now hoping she'll make SSG.[/quote:11e871ad5a]

she just did. March points for 92A E6 were 796, the first drop in years.

*edit* February points were 796. March points are back up to 798.[/quote:11e871ad5a]

Thanx for posting it to my attention. Now I've got to get her a promotion gift...maybe a BDU set with all the stuff on it. We all know we don't want to buy new ones (since we're waiting for the new BDUs), but I think she'll like a new set as a gift.
I'm not supply, but I am NBC, and we work VERY close with supply as the NBC NCO. So I will throw my 2 cents around.

One thing to remember about "work hours." They are guidelines. I have had days where we didn't get off till 2100 (9PM) and I have had days where they said to disapear and left around 1500 (3PM).

The textbook workday is in fact a 9-5 job. But that doesn't include PT.

What I will say is this. Don't worry about the hours. Worry about weather you want to join for the right reasons. We are ALL soldiers. We can ALL be deployed downrange whereever it is. Bullets don't know anything likke age, rank, gender, or MOS. Neither do rockets, mortors, or shrapnel.

You are a soldier first once you join. You have an MOS for your daily job, but you will still need to know and do ALL infantry and convoy tasks.

Now don't get discouraged about being a small female, and don't use it as a crutch. A soldier is only as strong as their heart. If you want it bad enough you will be able to do it. I had a soldier in my class in OUST (AIT stage, thats the training for MOS) and she stood no higher than 4'8". She was the most determined soldier in that class. Her leg reach was half what most of the males did and still would beat them on ruch marches. And the runs.

The only question you need to ask about joining is do you want it.
Then worry about MOS. Hell, there is no guarente that you will do your "job" after AIT anyways. I know a SGT(P) who just got transphered to a section where she is doing her job for the first time since joining 6 years ago. Soldier first, MOS second. Heart always.
Hi, I'm an E4 stationed at Ft.Hood and I work in a class IV warehouse, I would seriously tell you to be a 92Y for the simple reason as far as promotions go it's hard as hell being a 92A our promotion points are always sky high, everyone seems to forget that little tid bit when they give you advice, and yes anything you do in life you need to work for but being a 92A you're going to work even harder. Your job is endless depending on if you're in ULLS or in receiving or issue, stock control or even storage,but that doesn't mean that's all you'll be doing. every section is suppose to help one another out. It's not my cup of tea personally and if I could I would want to be a 92Y.
Well I have to say that I am ready to leave Ft.Hood, its a rapid deployment duty station which means that probably by the time you get here you will sent to a unit thats already deployed or deploying to Iraq. As for the post itself there's not much here or in the surrounding area, I love to shop and the mall sucks to put it nicely. You have to hold your own when you get here in other words stand up to individuals if not they will try to push you around, they like to see what type of person you are, I've seen it from day one and I've been here since Sept '03. I see the difference in how they treat certain individuals the outspoken ones from the quiet ones, so get a back bone if you don't already have one. I just went to the board to make E-5 and I actually don't know if its something that I want to do at least not here at Hood.

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