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Well, I hate to toot my own horn but I have aquired over 200 points since December. I am awaiting for a couple awards to clear and my transcripts to come back, then I should be good. However, I hope I can update before Oct 1st or else I am afraid they will not count under the new system.

Oh yeah, Toot-Toot! j/k
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When are these 92a points gonna drop? 660 is hard for a SPC who is always deployed. I know I am not the only one out there.

Don't wait for the points to drop go and get the points. I know I did. I set and watched alot of people get promoted alot quicker then me but I kept working and what I came to realize that while we may not get promoted that fast we do tend to have alot more going on work wise at lesser paygrades.

We have a good MOS and it will teach you alot but realize that others have done it before you so you should be able to do it as well.

Now 798 is hard and I honestly don't know anyone who made it without some shall I say advantages that others may not be afforded.

Also keep in mind 92A20 is overstrength right now so that means they have to many Sgts. I have already gotten with my retention NCO to see if I can reclass to one of these 35M Intel type of jobs.

150 - BOARD
200 - MILITARY EDUCATION/CORRESPONDENCE COURSES (I hate to say it, but everyone should have this after being in for a couple of years.)

So there are 500 of the easiest points to attain. If you are lacking at PT, guess what do more PT and take another APFT. Weapons, get to the range, piggy back with another unit if you have to. Not much you can do in awards but hope the ones you are waiting for come back soon. As far as Civilian Education get with the Ed Center or your unit's education officer and they can do up a memo for you stating that you have this many credits, and S1 should take it, you have 90 days to prove it after deployment anyways. If you need that format PM me with your email and I'll send it to you.

It's your promotion, only you can get it. Read AR 600-8-19 and look into the civilian ed part and others. My soldier just added 36 points because of the memo from our education officer.

Get back out on the range, and take another APFT. If you have a low score on the board, go back to it and get more points! Go to soldier of the month/quarter board, you might get a COA or AAM, depending on your unit.

660 is not hard, I got promoted at 725, took me a while but I got it. My mentor told me everything that I pretty much just typed and I followed through and did it and got my promotion in two months.

*** How many points do you have right now?????
I agree with everything you say. 660 are easy to obtain. Here is my problem: I was only able to go to the board in June. I am putting points up like its nothing but I am afraid it might not count. I am maxed on awards, PT/Weapons are decent 38/250, 147 on the board, maxed correspondents, and I am waiting on 50cc to come back to me via mail. I know I can make the points if I had another couple months before the new system takes effect.

Can anyone tell me if I will be grandfathered in since I got (P) status before the change? I will be good OCT, NOV time frame but maybe not if points change the 1st.
I'm a 92A too, I just went to the board in july. I'm at 643, almost there, i just went to the range scored 37, pt is 287, max correspondence, almost done with CiviEd, got 149 at the board. Just need to turn in my new range scored card so hopefully come September i should be good, but alot of soldiers who are so close to getting promoted, such as myself are going to get screwed once this takes effect, if points don't drop any time soon. But good luck to all my Sams clerks out there!!

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