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I am looking for someone to be completely blunt with me.. I don't want anyone to sugar coat anything... I have decided to join the army reserves because i need money for college.. Now the only job i am being told is open right now is a 92f.. Now i have read a few posts on here and they all seem about the same meaning that this is kind of a crappy MOS... now obviously this is no wheres near the kind of MOS that i wanted but unfortunately that's my option as of right now.. I am hoping to be able to re-class later down the road because i might go active after i finish my schooling...I was wondering what this job will be like and what i will be dealing with?!?! and is this a decent job for a female?
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OK to be blunt...You need the money and all jobs in the army pay the same..so a job is a job..thats blunt..now to be even more blunt..right not it is so hard to even get into the army any job the offer you take it..you can always reclass one you are in...and last.. it is almost impossible to go active once you join guard or RES so if you need money...go active and finish your college while on active duty..other wise you prop will never get the oppertunity to go active...it is also a pretty nice job for both males and females... I have several friends who are 92F and they all love it..and you can always change your job..i am on my 3rd job in the army in 8 years.
Thanks.. I appreciate you being blunt with me... I figured by going reserves it would be easier to focus on and finish college then it would be if i went active..I think i will most likely just take the job.. cause your right every job pays the same and i need the money right now..
I have decided to join the army reserves because i need money for college..

More than likely you are in an area where there are only a few select jobs, like here in Spokane we only have 12V and 12N, all the other units are well over 100% and are trying to kick people out for missing 1 drill. So being picky is not an option, definitely for people only seeking help with college.

If what you stated above is what you are joining the reserves for, then you need to look at it as you are getting college credit for most the things you do in the Army, use the MOS training to help knock out some easy credits. If you are just looking for the college money and are willing not to stay in your area but you are looking for a different/better MOS then Active might be the way to go.

And Corvette it doesn't matter if they score a 99 QT on the ASVAB, if there are no jobs for that area and units are not willing to give out a 50mile letter you are stuck with what is available to you.
I never had issues with Soldiers getting accepted outside of mileage.

92 series are some of the worst MOSes (other than possibly mortuary affairs, here is why:

1. Positions like cook (92G), Rigger (92R), Fueler (92F), etc offer very low civilian transfer.

2. The greatest majority of all the problem Soldiers are concentrated here as the vast majority of the Armies serious criminal misconduct waivers from 2005-on are in this career field.

3. Usually slow promotion as these MOSes are chronically over-strength.

4. Lowest line scores in the Army surrounds you with the dumbest Soldiers in the Army. This isn't Vietnam where the dummies went front-line, nope its 2012 and they go 92 series.

Are there exceptions....of course, but those are my reasons.

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