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Posted 11 August 2010 16:08
Ok so I've spent 2 years in the army, I'm a specialist, and I'm currently stationed at Peterson AFB. I've been moved around from unit to unit because of either being short on 92Y or excess 92Y.
My re-enlistment is coming up and I want to go to a new duty station...but as far as my job...well i'm not so good at it.I know little PBUSE I know how to fill out a 2062, 3161, 1648, and a couple other forms...but i'm not sure how to run a supply room.
Like organization, file structure...I just don't want to go to my unit looking jacked up. I really want to start fresh and make a good impression. I've looked through regs and da pams....but I just get overwhelmed and not sure which chapter to start with. I've asked for help many times here but everyones always busy. Please help!
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I was kind of in the same situation. Always being put in the Battalion S4 for the last 4 years of my career. In your case its going to take them putting you in a regular Army supply room.

At your next unit (hopefully Army) tell the 1SG/Commander your situation when you do the incoming brief and I'm sure they'll hook you up!As far as PBUSE is concerned, they have classes that teach you the basics (which is also a 40 hour block=promotion points). When I was stationed At CP Humphreys in Korea the teacher was a Korean national and I couldnt understand a word he was saying so again, its going to take you physically being in the supply room using it on a daily basis to be brought up to speed. Trust me, you will learn fast.

So enjoy the Air Force base while it lasts!
I actually re-enlisted for Korea so that's where I am going next. I took the PBUSE CLASS in July 2010, but my teacher passed away half way through the course. So a sub filled in, but didn't really know to much about PBUSE, and in the end well we kind of got a sympathy certificate. I was still really fuzzy on some things. I only have asset vis rights on pbuse, and thats mainly because my unit doesn't do alot of transactions so I'm not really active in my job currently. I'm solely relying on training aids (pbuse), da pam's, Ar's, and networking for information and tips on my job. My next unit is TDA unit so I don't know if that's going to help my career or hurt it more since I've already spent my first 2 and a half years on an AFB. Thanks for the reply.
I have been in supply for 8 yrs now. My 1st duty stationed i worked in the S4 in Germany, so i really didnt get to use my skills from AIT. I learned all I needed to know from watching other supply sergeants, reading regs and doing the tutorials on alot of programs. I have worked at Company Battalion and Brigade level now. What i do for my soldiers is I create them Supply Survival Guides. It includes SOP's for Supply Rooms, Arms Rooms, Tool Rooms ect... Cheat sheets, examples on every form we use in supply. If at your next station you have a cool NCOIC you can ask them if they can work with you 1 on 1. If you like I could send you it in a digital format for you to have. just pm me ur contact info.



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