Maybe your boyfriends leaders like him as a soldier, and they did stick their necks out for him by not flagging him.

That being said, after failing two tape tests in a row, he's lucky didn't initiate paperwork on him then and there.

If he is just barely passing tape now, they might want to keep him around to make sure he doesn't go on leave and gain 20 pounds. Also, the unit probably has prescribed block leave dates. Generally they won't let soldiers take leave outside of those dates unless it's for a really good reason (family emergency etc).

Your boyfriend, trying to take leave outside of block leave dates, for a not that great reason (just to come visit isn't a good one), combined with the fact that he is in the spot light for failing tape are all adding up to him being denied leave.

Christmas just happened, I'm sure his unit had leave dates for the holidays, why did he not take leave then?
I'm no counselor or anything, but you may want to do some soul searching before you start making accusations like that. You obviously don't trust/believe him. Otherwise you wouldn't be on here trying to confirm his story.

The response about his NCOIC letting soldiers with family take leave first could be legit. You can't let everyone go on leave at the same time obviously.

Maybe he doesn't have the money and is embarrassed about it? I dunno, there could be a million reasons for it. I think we've covered the possibilities from the military end of it, I don't think you're going to find any more answers here about it. You're just going to have to talk to him about it.
Trust is an important part in a relationship. However, erikwithak86 could be right that it could be about a lot of things. I seen soldiers get denied leave because the commander felt he/she was teetering their max allowable body fat percentage even though they passed. That could be embarrassing and something few people want to admit. Of course this is all speculation including what is going through your mind. You could just take it for what it is, I don't see a reason why he would lie. Sometimes it is very hard to explain situations we are put in as soldiers to our loved ones because it is an entirely different culture.

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