A Field Grade Article 15 for Patterns of Misconduct?

I was just curious, I have a soldier that is going to be getting a FG Art. 15 for Patterns of Misconduct. The charges are FTR on 22 May (15 min), FTR in September (10 Min late), Bounced check in Oct, and FTR on 3 Dec (counseling says 5 Min Late)

The first FTR he had a show time of 0450 and arrived at 0505, the soldier called and informed his first line that he had over slept his alarm.

The second FTR in Sept, the soldiers son had an asthma attack around 0300 and the soldier called and informed his first line that he was going to be late to accountability formation because of the situation with his son.

The bounced check was a complete accident just a miscalculation in balancing his check book. He paid the PX for the total of the check and the returned check fee.

The FTR on 3 Dec, the soldier was given a 0430 show time, to prep for the FTX for the day. The soldier arrived at work, and according the clock in his car, his wrist watch, and his cell phone, the time was 0430. He proceded to help his battle buddies prep for the FTX, and walked into the building where the PSG was sitting at his desk and asked why he was late. The soldier explained to the PSG that he was not late, and that he helped finished preping, and then came into the building. The PSG counseled this soldier for being late. Stating that the soldier was given a show time of 0430 and did not arrive until 0435. What is your opinion on this. If you can, please email me at richard.j.bartlett@outlook.com. Thank you and God Bless.
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Have you counseled your Soldier for his lateness in the past?

No such thing for an article 15 for patterns of misconduct. It most likely will be for violation of Article 86 for AWOL.

I received an article 15 for Article 86/UA, called unauthorized absence in the Navy and the Marine Corps and you can get one for being absent/late by five minutes.

He should have received a company level in the past for his initial violations then it will move up to field grade level since its a same violation.

I suggest the Soldier goes to JAG and have copies of his counselings and if he performed correction action on it. If he has valid reasons that covered his tardiness, he can play chess with his leadership by requesting a court-martial. Remember, if he loses, the punishment will be more severe.

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