A MEPS Experience: hopefully answer some of your questions!

Hi all! I was officially sworn in as a 91Bravo in the WI National Guard at the Milwaukee MEPS yesterday and will share my experience here for those whom may want to know more about what the MEPS is like. (Everybody is right in saying MEPS is a lot of hurry up and wait- I brought a 500 page John Grisham novel and was able to read it 2 times over!)

Milwaukee MEPS is one of the nicer, more modernized MEPS in the country. You go through the metal detector at the door, so don't bring any pocketknives or similar. Then you are briefed in MEPS procedure and rules. A couple of punks were complaining about how they couldn't bring their cigs/chew/marihuana in, but other than that- MEPS was pretty idiot-free this time around.

There is a mucho grande amount of paperwork to go through and you better make sure it's in order according to what they say, or there will be a whole lot of butthurt in your very near future! The girl sitting next to me while we were doing the medical questionnaire was either selectively deaf or just had a real hard time listening to instructions, as I now have a nice round bruise over the side of my ribcage where she continually elbowed me to ask what the lady doing the medical briefing just said a minute ago.

Then they did hearing/vision- the 'soundproof' booth they put you in is definitely NOT soundproof. I suggest holding your breath as the sound of your breathing in your head can mask some of the tones. You also will probably hear the sound of other people's clickers- I even heard some of the louder tones from the headsets of the people next to me. You'll get blood drawn and have to do a urinalysis- and yes, they do watch you- so don't try to cheat the test, and don't do drugs/drink before it. Then comes the 'underwear olympics'. I advise wearing conservative undergarments as you'll have to duck-walk and do a variety of other range-of-motion exercises, and get a brief initial physical.

After all that, you get to the 'paperwork olympics'- where you'll have to rush from office to office (lots of hurry up and wait in between), give your fingerprints a few hundred times and digitally sign a million documents (ok, I may have exaggerated a bit- there are only a few *thousand* documents ). As for the attitudes of all the people you'll deal with, it varies. Some seem very terse and abrasive, but only because they have had to deal with the likes of so many a**holes not cooperating and giving attitude over the years. If you follow instructions to the T and use lots of 'sir' and 'ma'am' in your speech, you should not have a problem with any of the MEPS employees.

I think there were around 50 or so applicants the day I went. Only around 40 or so made it through, though. I know a few were DQed for having a positive drug testing result and a few who had problems w/paperwork and had to come back at a later date. So my advice is, get your crap together and quit the drugs if you're using and make sure everything is correct on your paperwork. For those who have yet to go to MEPS- hopefully like me, you will get through everything just fine and get sworn in at the end of the day!

Anyone having any other MEPS questions (especially those relating to the Milwaukee MEPS), don't hesitate to ask!
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