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Posted 02 June 2009 16:35
Ok. I am a dependent of an Active Duty US Army soldier. I'm living with my sponsor and going to college full time, so I will be a dependent till 23.
My girlfriend wants to move in with me and she is a dependent of another US Army sponsor. Her sponsors claim that there is some set of army rules that do not allow her to move in with me. I've done research and I find nothing on this, except for regulations concerning on base housing. We live off base and our housing allowance is paid by my non sponsor parent who is employed by a contractor.

First of all, are they right? Is there some rule against her moving in with my sponsor and i?

Also, I REALLY need some Army Regulation (AR) Articles on this, the only one I've really got is the AR 210-50.

Need Help ASAP Thank you
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