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About to enlist into the Army and I am trying to figure out what job or MOS that i want, i want to do something that is crazy, I am 20 and im thinkin of making the army a career, I am really interesed in infantry, can somone tell me what an infantryman does, while they are not deployed and deployed
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Almost all cadences are about the infantry...what else is there? Wink

Seriously though - Infantry gets rank fairly quickly, a lot of cool schools are available (airborne, ranger etc) It's an easy springboard into special operations etc. It is an excellent MOS for a military career.

You need to consider though that you will definitely deploy at least once to a war zone...probably numerous times. It is a high risk MOS, you will be the guy kicking open doors and getting shot at.

If you decide to leave the military, the infantry doesn't give you much civilian relevant employment experience (outside of leadership under stress). Unless you want to be a policeman.

Even in peacetime, you will deploy...a lot all over the globe, in support of peacetime missions. Most of these places you will get to see, you would not choose to visit.

There is a lot of field time (you go out to the woods and you stay there for long periods of time, training day and night) it is not a 9 to 5 job. It is very physically demanding, very heavy gear with long walks. You will become intimate with body armor, rucks and weapons.

All that being said...I loved being infantry!
the infantry is great, but just like any other job there are bad leaders mixed in somewhere. so as long as you can hold you tongue and do what you are told, its great, as was said great for advancing, a lot of fun, the closest bonds you can ever make without being gay, and unlike someone said it is NOTHING like being an M.P. there are us, then them. (dont get your feelings hurt guys, just the way it is)
You want crazy,infantry is it. Don't put out aviation either (door gunner). If you want not as crazy with a bit of a mix of combat infantry tactics and some post policing go MP. (there are many types of MP's out there,some which get real close to mech infantry)

You have lots of choices, and don't forget to think about where you want to be stationed. (they still doing choice of duty station???) That will effect just what you do day to day.

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