I would just like to start by apologizing, as I am sure this question has been asked and answered before, but I did search both google, and the forum before posting.

I'm new to all the corresponding courses, and am confused at the moment. I have a Skillport account, and am currently taking the ALMS SSD courses as I'm told they are worth promo points. How do I translate my completed classes to my ERB? I.E. how to I convert it to correspondance course hours plus promotion points on my ERB. I'm a PV2 if that helps.

Additionally, how to add Skillport classes to my ERB. I'm told it's all automatic, but it doesn't seem to be updating.

Finally, I am attendng College at CTC, as I complete classes, how do I add them to my ERB?

Thank you for your patientce, I am currently in Rear-D, Red Cycle, so answers are few and hard to come by.

Thanks again.
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First off, let me say good job on trying to keep your records straight and improving your education through both military and civilian as a private. It's not rare, but not very common that new soldiers seek their own education (of either kind) without being persuaded or told to. Then again, I could be wrong.

All classes you do on Skillport or Army E-Learning or ALMS will automatically populate on your ATRRS transcript. To get to this transcript log into AKO and click "Self Service" on the top. Then "My Training". Once everything loads, scroll down until you see the ATRRS box and click "View Your Unofficial ATRRS Transcript".

This will open up in a new window. In the new window on the left hand side of the screen click "View Your Unofficial ATRRS Transcript" and print it out. This is where your correspondence courses will populate. This usually takes 24-72 hours after completing the class. Sometimes a little longer.

Take this transcript to either your unit PAC or your battalion S1 and they will update it on your ERB with the codes they have.

Now, for your college credit all you have to do is print your college transcripts or something that shows your progression with CTC saying how many credit hours you have completed. Print that out and you're good to go with that. I would do it every time you complete a class and/or a set of classes, just to be up-to-date.

I would suggest contacting your academic adviser with CTC to figure out how to get this transcript.
Thank you so much. I had a RASP contract that was taken from me (not punitively), and now I'm in some line unit, in which, all I do we do is pull weeds, 11B hooah! Not saying I'm above it, because I'll do anything Uncle Sam asks of me. But I feel there's a multitude of ways I can better serve my country. So 'fingers crossed' e-5 in 2.5, then green to gold in 2014.

You have helped a lot, thank you!
Just one quick question, can you suggest courses for SkillPort or ALMS that will give me the most promo points for the least amount of work/time? I know it's a sh*tbag question but I'm trying to get my degree, volunteer, and get to the Gym everyday to up my PT, so any time shaved off will help.

Thanks again
It's actually not a sh!tbag question, actually. To be honest, I have no idea which courses are high in correspondence hours. I did a lot of the Microsoft and CompTia courses. It all adds up quickly.

Trust me, I know how it is to juggle work, a degree, kids, my soldiers, etc.
Thanks again,
The only thing that shows up on the ATRRS transcript should be completed courses correct? I.E. in ALMS only when I complete the whole Level 1 of SSD, and in skillport, only when I complete the full directory? For example, 1 Hour Courseware>Leadership Curriculum>leadership essentials. The leadership essentials contains 8 actual classes, so I would complete all 8, then my ATRRS transcript will be updated?
Yes, the only thing that will show up are completed courses. ALMS classes will only show up when you complete the whole course, for example all of SSD1.

Skillport, however, will have EVERY course show up on your ATRRS transcript separately after you complete them.

Also, it will take between 24-72 hours after completing the courses for them to appear on your transcript.
they were making all kinds up updates to the SSD mods. as a result, there were tons of issues trying to get them done bc the pages wouldn't load. it was a PIA. if you call the help desk number, if indeed you are still having issues, they should be able to help you out... sometimes it takes a lot to get through to them though. Good luck!! SSD1 is worth 80 hours!!

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