Active Duty First Sergeant Requirements

I am looking for some guidance from some currently standing 1SGTs and/or SGM/CSMs.

I have been trying in vain to clarify what exactly would be my next step toward becoming a First Sergeant. I have completed PLDC/WLC, BNCOC/ALC, ANCOC/SLC, and have finished SLC-4. I am currently serving in a Special Duty controlled tour at the Pentagon and have no 1SGT to report to other than within the ADCON lanes and he is geographically assigned elsewhere (only knows my name on paper).

Before I have somebody jump down on me about some things, please let me clarify. Yes, I am "only" a Staff Sergeant... a SSG who very much values his ability to lead and train soldiers. I am mature enough to know that if I didn't already feel ready to fill this kind of slot, then I wouldn't be asking. I have rated Squad Leader time, rated Platoon Sergeant time, rated Staff NCO time, and have done a Special Duty assignment to TRADOC as an instructor and Curriculum Developer. I have deployed to combat (in a leadership position), served with NATO forces during seperate joint-multinational, combat campaigns. Served as the NCOIC for combatant campaign HQs site communication team and was the last NCO onsite after unit deactivation overseas.

I am looking for this guidance to maintain myself personally and professionally. Generic leadership advice and guidance would be great, but I am also looking for specific information about required schools and training that I have not completed yet.

Thank you to anybody willing to help.

If you are going to ask your Soldiers to do it, you better be wiling to do it yourself.
-SSG Burnett
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Are you eligible for the upcoming E-7 board? But honestly, once you become E-8 promotable then I will concern myself with that position. You still need a lot of rated time and grooming. Are you even currently leading soldiers at this time?

From my observation and working with E-8s during the last three years; it becomes a political process when you have numerous E-8s that did not have 1SG time. First, as you enter the senior non-commissioned ranks; you will have to gauge yourself against your peers and ensure that your NCOERs will list those future assignments. You will work with your rater in ensuring that.

We recently had a 1SG position that became open since Top decided he had enough and his retirement was approved. Basically, every E-8 that wanted the position had a sit down with our CSM each justifying why they should get the slot. The one with the darker stain on his nose won lol

Guess who made the call?
SSG, doubt you'll find a ton of help here, most are younger Soldiers studying for the promotion boards. (obviously there are exceptions. Big Grin )

You might try perusing the AKO forums or asking at Leader Net at

You're doing the right thing looking down the road but first obstacle is making SFC. Make sure your NCOERs are stellar, keep working as if you were already a SFC, then as you get promoted work like you're already MSG/1SG.

Good luck!
Mr. D
wow. you want to be a 1SG and don't even know how to abbriviate it? give me a break.... you couldn't find the answer yourself but you expect to function as the senior enlisted person in a battery or company?

are you kiding? you're telling me as SSG you honestly think you can right now with no train up (beacuse as a 1SG you will have none) you can handle all the commander's programs, keep an orderly room straight, ensure your company or battery is meeting its training needs, support all the crazy off the wall BS your CSM will create, handle and manage all the taskings your S3 sgm will ram down your throat, guide and mentor and create an effect ncopd program. get out of here and get a grip. you are being selfish and if some off his rocker sgm puts you into a 1SG position you are going to subject your joes to subpar leadership.

you should 1) call da and get to a unit with a 1SG and CSM 2) ask them what you need

and just FYI here are the outlines in AR 614-200

8–19. Eligibility
Soldiers in the grade of SFC through MSG will be assigned as 1SGs based on the following:
a. Outstanding qualities of leadership.
b. Dedication to duty.
c. Integrity and moral character.
d. Professionalism.
e. MOS proficiency.
f. Appearance and military bearing.
g. Physical fitness.

additionally 8–20. Criteria

e. Selection priorities of Soldiers for assignment to 1SG positions are outlined below. Exceptions may be made
when the commander deems it essential to mission accomplishment.
(1) MSGs who possess the proper PMOS and have been awarded the SQI “M.”
(2) MSGs who do not possess the SQI “M” but possess the proper PMOS and are considered by local commanders
to have 1SG potential.
(3) MSGs who possess the SQI “M” and a PMOS in the CMF appropriate to the type unit.
(4) MSGs who do not possess the SQI “M” but possess a PMOS in the CMFs appropriate to the type unit and are
considered by local commanders to have 1SG potential.
(5) As an interim measure, until a MSG who meets the above priorities can be assigned, the following applies (with
no designated precedence):
(a) MSGs who possess the SQI “M” but do not possess PMOS/CMF appropriate to the type unit.
(b) SFC(P) who possess the proper PMOS and has been awarded the SQI “M.”
(c) SFC(P) who does not possess the SQI “M” but possesses the proper PMOS and are considered by local
commanders to have 1SG potential.
(d) SFC who possesses the proper PMOS.

the "M" SQI is awarded by your BN CSM or higher... so pulling all the MSGs into his office and expecting them to kiss his rear was probably the right answer.

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