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I reenlisted 3 weeks ago on 26 June 13, and I have yet to receive my bonus. I have done a pay inquiry with finance, and I have called DFAS. Both places tell me that there is no bonus in the system for me, yet my ETS date has been updated on my ERB to reflect my new ETS date. Is there any way I can track my bonus? I have spoken to my career counselor and he tells me that he hasn't heard anything, and to please come back at another time. Thanks in advance.
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I have been trying to get this answer myself. I am in the same situation no bonus in the system according to finance but my dates have changed and the career counselor who I tracked down on leave swears he did everything right.

When I reenlisted in 2009 it took 3 days to get my bonus. I would figure things would get more efficient with time not less.
If I hadn't already verified that my contract clearly states my bonus, I wouldn't be turning to the open source Internet for help. Thanks for the tip, but yes it is there. So I'm back to square 1 which is: where in the world is my bonus? After over 3 weeks it has not been sent back to my CC for any kind of error, yet DFAS sees nothing. Anybody?
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It says SRB lump sum in accordance with milper message 13-030. It also says SRB zone B MOS: 35P3pad so please keep your unhelpful information to yourself.

You're the one that decided to come on an open forum asking for information. If you can't handle someone pointing out the obvious that if it's not in your contract, you aren't getting a bonus, when in fact you stated nothing about it being in your contract, then you need to get on with the butt hurt.

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