Active duty to Army Reserves.

Good afternoon. I have a few questions about joining the Army Reserve.

I have less than 12 months left on Active Duty before I ETS.

I have a reenlistment code of 9G (TIS 7yrs, 5 months. Havent made E-5.)

I was wondering if I could get out of active duty now and join the reserves. Maybe change my MOS. I would like to get back into college ASAP.

Any info on how to get into the Reserves without having to ETS first would be nice.
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Originally posted by ROCKTAVIAN:
I have not started to ACAP yet. Is that needed before I enlist in the reserves?

A couple told me that part of their ACAP was meeting with a transition rep (Guard and Reserves) about switching over to those components. Most just prefer to go to the IRR until their 8-year statutory obligation completes.

Of course, as recent wars have demonstrated, the Army is more than the Active Component. ACAP supports the Reserve Component by helping transitioning Soldiers to understand how service in the National Guard or Reserve can augment their starting civilian salaries and provide valuable training and benefits. Civilian employees are also a valuable part of the total Army. ACAP promotes Army civilian employee retention by assisting dislocated Army civilian employees to find new jobs. ACAP demonstrates to all civilian employees that the Army truly cares and will be there for them; even if their jobs are eliminated. Both military and civilian supervisors of Army civilian personnel are encouraged to refer their employees who have been adversely impacted by force reduction or A-76 actions to the ACAP Center for assistance.

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