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I joined the ARNG through their Active First Program. I was told when I joined that I would serve 48 months for active duty, and receive a bonus for that. Then I would do two years in the ARNG and receive a bonus for that.
I have served my 48 month active duty with an additional 6 month extension. And I have now been the USAR for 6 moths. This puts my total service time at a little over five years. The only portion of the bonus I received is the active duty portion. What I am trying to find out is if any of my bonus will be recouped if I transfer into the IRR. No one seems to be able to give me a straight answer.
Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks
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I thought when you go active first for the National Guard is because you will return to the Guard and not go into the Army Reserves. If active first meant that you go into any Reserve Component to receive the bonus; then I retract my statement but what does your contract state?
You are completely correct, in order to receive the 20,000 dollars you need to go back to the unit you originally signed with at MEPs. (Which for me was a CA ARNG unit.) I was not aware of that tell about 5 minutes ago when I checked the posting of this question in another forum. The retention guy that I spoke with said nothing about that whatsoever, so I just assumed (yes I know I should know better) that everything was alright.
The good news is that I really don't care about that 20,000. All I care to figure out is if the 40,000 I already received will be recouped if I go from the Reserves into the IRR.
As far as I can tell since it seems that I have technically filled my "active first" portion of it then that first part of the bonus has been paid for.
I just don't want to find out after the paperwork is complete that I in fact will end up owing 40,000 back. That would not be a good day.
I know this is all pretty strange so let me do a little break down.
Contract 1: ARNG for 8years. Signed before Basic.
Contract 2: Active First contract, 48 months Active Duty, 24 months ARNG. 40,000/20,000. Signed after basic and before AIT.
Contract 3: Extension of Active duty for 6 months so that I could deploy with my unit.
Contract 4: Finishing out my MSO (3 years) with the USAR. (No bonus, no mention of Active First)
Thanks for your help.
I hadn't even thought about taking it to JAG, that's an excellent idea. My first instinct was to take it to our units career counselor, but I was informed through a couple of different people that he is not the most scrupulous individuals.
Thank you for the help, I really do appreciate it.

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