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Can someone help "define" for me what a "whole course" means when taking skillport courses.

I understand that sub-courses will not count when adding points. So I just want to ensure that I am doing the correspondence courses correctly.

I have over 500 hours of courses completed; however, my ERB only shows 335 hours complete. Just looking for an example of what a whole course is so that I can define for myself what I need to complete.

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I have just recently started doing skillport classes. However when you do any course once you finish it and it says you completed it then that is all you need to do. It should hit your ERB in a couple of days. But that is only in Skillport.

For other courses you need to go to ATRRS and enroll for a course. You then go to ALMS and you have to take every subcourse that belongs to that course before you will receive credit. Once you finish that it should show up on your ATRRS transcript. You print off your transcript give it to your S-1 and they will update your ERB.

Hope this helps and hope I got it all correct but this has been what my experience is.
I understand this is old, but I get this question a lot in my unit so I'm posting the answer for everyone.

For Skillport classes, individual modules count as complete courses. According to my Battalion S1, the reason why not all of your hours update to your ERB is because not all of them are actually eligible for promotion points. They showed me a nonsense document listing thousands of courses which count for promotion points: only thing is, not all Skillport classes count!

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