Administratively Reduced?

I am new to this site for the sole purpose of finding some non biased help. I am only going to post facts, not how I "feel" about things in hopes of finding the answers I need.

I was promoted to SGT 01Sept2011. In October I was injured and unable to run. I was on back to back temporary profiles until 22May2012 when I had surgery on the injury. I am currently on a temporary recovery profile from the surgery until 06Sept2012.

I was informed today by a senior NCO in my unit that if I do not have a certificate of graduation in my hand NLT 01Oct2012 I will be administratively reduced in rank.

I have read the Army Regulation and as far as I understand it, I can only be reduced if I fail to complete a school mandatory for my grade. And WLC is only mandatory for an E-5 who is trying to go to an E-6 promotion board, or for an E-6 within 270 days of date of rank.

I was told to look up a current MILPER Message concerning this matter, but haven't had any luck finding one that seems current.

If anyone can show me a link to the MILPER Message, or anything that will help I would greatly appreciate it. And just for the record, no I am not trying to dodge WLC. I have no problem going, but due to the surgery and screws now in place, I cannot physically run until it is healed.
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I suppose I should have mentioned it in the first post, but I am not currently promotable, nor am I trying to go to an E-6 board.

I have been a SGT for less than one year. I am not deployed.

This NCO says I have a limited time after being promoted to E-5 to graduate WLC. I am trying to find something that states that. I suppose if this is the only MILPER message that covers WLC it may be a good thing.
As an E-5 non-promotable, I think you hit your RCP at 15 years TIS (I could be wrong), so technically you do have a limited time to go to WLC and get promoted to SSG, but other than that, I don't know of any reg that states you HAVE to go to WLC after being an E-5 for a certain amount of time. Bottom line, you've got to heal, there's no way you're going to pass a PT test in you condition, and you NCO is just going to have to understand that. Push come to shove bring the issue to your chain of command, your NCO may just be misinformed.
I think your unit is trying to use the following from AR 600-8-19:

"(2) Soldiers who fail to successfully complete, fail to remain eligible to be scheduled for or attend, who are denied
enrollment in, or who do not attend their scheduled Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) class
(through fault of the Soldier) will be administratively reduced or removed from the promotion list. The effective date
of administrative reduction is the date of the action that caused the Soldier to be ineligible to retain the promotion. The
DOR will be the previous DOR held at the reduced grade."

As usual, regulations are designed to cover basic situations, and not every possible set of circumstances for a Soldier. See if that "senior NCO" can explain the justification/regulation/milper message/ALARACT message or whatever that would justify the reduction.

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