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Hey there, I am going to BCT in 37 days to Ft. Knox. I can do all the situps and pushups to easily pass the test. The only thing that I am not to great on is my running. I need to get under 8:30sec for my mile. I have never been a runner but now I run a mile everyday. I was just wondering is there a lot of people who go to BCT that don't run either? How do they make out? Is BCT extremely hard if you can't run fast or endure long? I was just wondering becuase I am getting very worried and I don't believe that I have enough time to get in the desired running shape that I need to be in. Thanks for the help!
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When you say you can do the Pushups situps to pass the test are you only talking about the 1-1-1 assessment? If that is the case remember that to pass the PT Test at BCT you need to be able to do 35 pushups, 47 Situps in 2 minutes and run your 2 miles in 16:36 or faster. That is only the 50 percent score required to leave BCT. Then all other PT tests will be at the 60 percent level which is more pushups and situps and an even faster run.

My experience in BCT was that we didn't run too much. If you want to improve your run the only way to do it is too run. If you are running a mile a day you probably only running for about 10 minutes max. You need to be doing more than that if you want to build up your cardio capacity. Also if you want Airborne / Ranger in the future you need to learn to love running.
That is good that you are working out and trying to get in shape before you go to BCT. In my opinion, I wouldn't worry to much about not passing the 1-1-1. The Drill Sergeants will get you into very good shape by the time you leave BCT and should be passing the APFT with ease.

Also, I would stop running 1 mile a day. Try to run 2 or more miles 3 days a week as this helps build endurance for the APFT. How is your technique now as far as running? What about your breathing?
At basic training, you meet people from all walks of life. We had a guy at my BCT who lost 37lbs by the time we left for AIT. You should be alright, they're not going to try to kill you on the runs, and nine times out of ten they will have you up to par by the time you graduate. Just keep running daily, and like Go Ordnance said, try to crank out 2 miles, and run like 3 times a week ie: monday, wednsday, and friday.

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