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Greetings! Looking to get some solid advice on my upcoming PCS move. There are a lot of factors, so I will lay out all the facts. It may be a bit of a read, but I want to capture all the details.

I'm in Europe, she and the kids are in Ft. Hood. We also have one one the way, due in June. My DEROS is in May. I just received orders for Ft. Meade, reporting in June. Those are the facts, here are the factors:

The Baby: Tricare will not permit a change in regions in the last trimester, so no travelling after around April-ish. She works, and looks after two kids, moving on her own is going to be difficult at best.

The Household Goods: Its been 7 years since we moved. We were very much over weight limits when we moved in 2006. We have more stuff now! Despite my objections, but it is what it is. So we have to move that stuff some way cost-effectively from Tx to Md.

The Money: This is where it gets complex. She works full time. We draw BAH and OHA, so we both have places to live. Leaving Europe will end OHA. Ending OHA before we are reunited will create an extra financial burden. Not unbeatable, but difficult. Her reporting before me ends her employment income. Again, not unbeatable, and we'd at least keep the OHA/BAH until I arrived. This is on top of moving, getting our old house prepared for renters, etc. Lots of moving pieces.

The Intangibles: First, I love my wife and family very much. So the next few statements are not against her. She is stubborn. She has had 7 years to set down roots and build a home. She is adamant about a partial DITY move, so as to not lose money and to keep all her stuff. She is determined that I move my report date a few months to the right, because she "has many friends whose husbands have". Problem is, its a nominative assignment. I applied for it. Ive talked to the gaining unit, and they've said that I would lose the slot if I moved the report date later.

So they way I see it, its a rock or a hard place. What are my options? What would you do?
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Just one comment, that maybe you have not even thought about, but if you moved in 2007 and been in the same place, have you gotten promoted? There is a weight difference if you were a SGT then a SSG now...I think any way you put it, it will be a difficult move so just make the best plan possible and stick with it...I agree with not messing with your PCS report date since it is a nominative assignment...
I am in the process of a PCS. Movers completed my pack out on Friday. Since we driving and putting stuff in the car, that is considered a partial-dity. I exceeded my limits too. Do you rent or own? Selling house? It's your career so PCS as expected. You have 90 days to get your household goods out of storage after its moved. Totally doable.

My wife resigned and we rented out our home. I want my family with me. I wear the pants lol.

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