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Hey guys just wanted to say that this forum has been a goldmine of information for me through my WO application process. Now I need some pretty serious advice, and I have not found a similar case on here. I apologize for the novel I am about to write, but this requires some context.
I just came out on the November list. Since I submitted my packet in September I have had a pretty significant develop in my life. My oldest son has a genetic disorder that cripples his immune system. He takes injections daily to boost white blood cell production and leads a largely normal life. If he gets a fever over 100.5, it’s off to the hospital because his tissue paper thin immune system has failed and he needs to get on so heavy antibiotics fast. This was all occurring for years before I applied for WOCS, so it was a known factor and did not really affect my career. The other thing about his condition is that he has a really good chance (30%) of developing leukemia. The only cure for his condition is a bone marrow transplant from a sibling match (non sibling matches are not really a possibility because my wife and I are different ethnicities).
We had a second son in June and that beautiful little bastard was a match for his big brother. Our doctors want to move to transplant as soon as son #2 is a year old and a certain weight. The procedure is pretty grueling: chemo, isolation, and a minimum 30 days in the hospital and another minimum 60 of daily hospital visits for checks. Right now if we do this procedure before he goes into full leukemia we have a 90% chance of survival. If we wait too long and he develops leukemia he has a sub 30-50% chance of survival. They want to wait until cold and flu is over and ensure he has a fully functioning immune system before the next season starts. To add another layer to the problem, the procedure will be done in Michigan and I am currently stationed in South Carolina. So we are looking at a late June/early July date for the start of the transplant.

Here are the two courses of action that I see as a possibility based on the ATTARS info for my basic course.

COA 2: I Start WOCS in August/September and complete basic by the end of October. This is ideal, but I feel like pushing WOCS off 10ish months has to be a bad thing. My current unit will support all of the TDY/PTDY/Leave I need.

COA 1: I go to WOCS in late January and finish WOBC in early June. I sign in at my next unit and immediately dump all of these problems on them (Hey I just got here but I need leave/ permissive TDY for 30+ days). I feel that even though it is a pretty legit issue, it will still reflect poorly on me and could potentially set me up for failure with my new career. Maybe I have a sweetheart commander that is all about stuff like that, maybe I don’t. I will also be leaving soldiers and NCOs without leadership for an extended period of time.

What are your thoughts/opinions? Thanks in advance.
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Pick up the phone and call your new branch manager immediately. Don't call your enlisted guy, call the guy that will be managing you as a warrant. He is in the best position to give you the best advice possible.

If it was me, I would wait if at all possible and get the family healthy. You don't mention what type of warrant you'll be I would hazard to guess no matter what, your WOBC is going to be tough and you're correct, the last thing you want to do is show up to a new unit and ask them to deal with this. Wherever you go, there is the distinct possibility that you will be going to a unit that is prepping for a mission (kuwait, korea, africom, whatever) and this could cause significant problems for you, the family, and the unit.

Best of luck to you and congrats
+1 to Chief Pyro and from your earlier posts I see that you are an EOD tech and that you wanted to go Green to Gold back in 2011 and ask to how to withdraw your consideration due to your dream assignment.

First of all, I totally understand the situation with your family and family comes first.

But, you put in a packet knowing these conditions and USAREC blessed your packet and proponent boarded you and you was selected on the top of the OML, so you really have to think that based on your family circumstances; if this career change is for you. Especially since these problems will be around for WOCS and on forward.

I been a Warrant for over six and a half years already and the hours and demand does not decrease. I even have to take my work home with me and work to the late hours. I am saying this because I do not want this to become a factor in the future where you may face dilemmas between your family and your job. I have had Commanders and bosses that have had understand less because I am a Warrant. For example, Chief we cannot let you go to school because we need you here and Chief, I am sorry but if you take your daughter to school tomorrow, we will have a problem..... The list goes on and on that job has always taken the majority of my time. BTW, I was selected for Warrant about two months after I arrived to Germany, so I did not start WOCS until 10 months. If I would have left to WOCS four months after selection, I would have been a CW3 by now. All the board changes for four years TIG for a CW2 and eligibility dates affected me based on the time I pinned WO1. And that irks me to this day. Smiler

Many candidates have relinquished their selection and DORed for variety of reasons.

We need Warrants to be at 150 percent capacity. Those are the types that need to replace me in the future. I have had showed up to my last unit and the day after permissive TDY, I was at JRTC and my new boss needed me to aggressively take over and fix crap. The same in my new unit. I thought I was going to get a break on deployment and I been on TDY left and right since I got here.

Again, truly think hard about this life changing events for your family and the military. Think about everything before you decide to go to WOCS.
Gentlemen thank you for the responses. I will call up the Branch Manager for 890A. You two were the ones that I was hoping would come up on the net and set me straight.

WiseChief: Tracking all sir. I have been a mission first guy for the last 12 years and this family medical thing is completely alien to me! I have had soldiers deal with stuff like this, but never me. I honestly would have delayed my packet if I had known that he was going to have to have a transplant within the timeframe I would be training and intergrating into my new career field. We just found out earlier this month unfortunately. The delay in starting the pipeline is incredibly worrisome, but if I can get things squared up before I will be in a much better position to do work for the Army and succeed long range in my career. Thanks again for the advice sir.

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