Advice: Prior medical experience but cant get 68W

Hi fellow soldiers. I am new to this site and I am enlisting in the army. I wanted to express my experience with my recruiter and any suggestions and experience will be helpful. He gave me a reservation mos of 25U (Signal specialist)after I told him how important it is that I get airborne in my contract(yes I know I am a fearless chick; you would be too if you were white and lived in rough neighborhood in L.A). Because of military cutbacks, I know my chances of getting 68W field medic is slim so that's why I told him a "{any}job in the medical field." TO help you understand about myself, I have 130 college units including nursing classes and took EMT class. I was never accepted to nursing school due to many repeat classes (when i was 18-20 years old). Now 10 years later, I hope to earn the right in a position in the medical field. With my recent love of combat and rifles, what better way than to do in the army! After reserving 25U, I am gathering info from anyone in the army about this position and the drawbacks associated with this job. I dont have any knowledge in basics electronics and afraid I may be a setback for the military.
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You need to go back and talk with the recruiter about the job you want.

Remember though, right now the Army has more Soldiers than it needs. Getting ready to cut a lot, in fact...

25U will be computer work, radio work, lots of non-signal stuff in ANY MOS. (the army doesn't pay people to mop the floor or take out the trash, you know. Soldier-labor is free.. Wink )

You can keep going to college (Army will pay $4250 per year besides whatever GI or collegefun in your contract) and get the nursing degree and go Officer.

Or you can wait till its almost re-enlistment time and work on switching over to 68W.

Good luck!
Usually 68W is on the system, they seem to go in burst from month to month. I've played the waiting game with applicants before and it doesn't bother me.

If you want to wait for a job to open up than that is on you. If the recruiting station where you are at isn't willing to look on the system at least 1 time per day to see if they can get you that job, then they are useless.

25U is the jack of all trades when it comes to the Signal world, but at the same time you are the master of none lol. It's a great MOS and don't worry about not knowing anything to start off with...AIT will teach you the basics of what you need to know and if they don't, your unit will when you get there.

Just a little note, if a job hasn't been on the system for over a month that means the school dates are more than full and might take another couple months for it to open.
If you want 68W just tell your recruiter that is what you want. Signal Corp is okay but if you don't want it don't give up on 68W you will regret. Also one a 68W there are several programs that you can apply for like the PA-C and nursing programs the Army offers that being outside of the health care career field you might have trouble finding support for applying to.

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