Age waivers for SF?

Do they grant waivers in SF for individuals who're past the age limit?

I'm 26 and I don't know how long it'll take for my problem- see"Question" under Not in the Army Yet?- to get sorted. And just in case I run over the age limit, I wanted to know if it was possible to get a waiver. (Hell, I'm going to have a jacket full of waivers! :? )

I know they offer waivers for pilots.
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Soldiers interested in the program are encouraged to contact the recruiting team to obtain information and assistance on the entire application and training process at Coml: (910) 432-1818 or DSN: 239-1818 or the point of contact is the Special Forces Branch on COML: (703) 325-7863 or DSN: 221-7863.

You could also email your grade, full name, SSN and MOS to the following:

If its one thing I've learn in the Army is that there are waivers for everything. Even when they say it cannot be done you can still get a waiver Red Face . If you want it fight for it! You are your best advocate. Also, it helps if you do your own research. Never has it been so true that knowledge is power. Read the regs and always ask the sudject matter experts. You'll be amaze all the great things our Army has to offer, but no one talks about it because they either don't know or don't want those sweet 8) assigdments getting out. "greed" :twisted: Yes it exist in the Army too.

You can also check out the following site for some more info in General Army life/news/assigments and what ever else you can think of;

I hope I was able to help :wink:

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