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Hello, i am sfc 79r aproaching the end of initial recruiting tour.. My one and only goal in the army is to be a drill sgt, or at least go thru the school. my question is, is there any possible way,any loop hole, anyway at all, that someone on agr can go thru dss?? Thank you
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I assume that you are going to ETS from active duty and you are looking into AGR opportunities. Its easy to go to Drill Sergeant School as a National Guard AGR or even M-day. The National Guard has the National Guard Drill Sergeant Program to support the RSP (Recruit Sustainment Program). The hard part is getting an AGR position. Go the this website for more detailed info on the ARNG DS program.
The POC is at the bottom. Hope this guides you in the right direction.
BTW, I'm a 79T (National Guard Recuiter) so I recruit during the week and I'm a Drill Sergeant on drill weekends for the soldiers my team recruits unitl they ship to BCT. Its a very unique opportunity. Good luck.
Well actuallY i am right in the middle of my contract, i ets in 2013.. I am on agr (usar) and completed a refrad alignment keeping me on agr until i ets. Do u know of a way to swtch components from usar to ng within agr? Is it possible? I did a little research on the rsp program and talk to some 79ts and they said they dont go thru dss, is it based on the command(or i guess state) whether or not u would go thru dss? Again i appreciate ur help!
Wolfpack.. I may have the opportunity to become a 79T, i was just wondering if you could explain a little bit about NG recruiting, like what is the mission like on average. What about pay, do yall get the $450 extra a month? How hard is it to get into the RSP? Thanks

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