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Hello, have a few questions in reference to AGR Recruiting. I am in the Army Reserves, TPU, and received the email that I was placed on the AGR Consideration List. The AGR Accessions Recruiting NCO sent me an AGR Recruiter packet to be filled out, I am almost complete with the entire packet. I figured this would be the best way to get my foot in the door and in the AGR Program. They also sent me a form so they can do my RBI check and the AGR Acessions Recruiting NCO submitted the RBI Check. My questions are as follows:

1. How long does the RBI Check take?? What exactly are they looking for in the RBI Check?? I have no police record, felonies, etc..

2. Once I submit the completed AGR Recruiter packet, how long until it is reviewed and I get orders for ARC??

3. How far out are the orders cut for ARC, 30, 60, 90 Days??

4. When will I receive my information for my first assignment, while in ARC or prior to going to ARC??

4. Anyone been to the ARC within the last 6 months that would liek to share their experiences, etc??

Thanks for your help and looking forward to reading your advice and information
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Noticed noone had answered your question yet figured I'd try at least.

I had the same questions you did, I just finished my packet this past week and have been scheduled for school.

1)My RBI check took 3 weeks, as for what they are looking for, if you don't have any serious convictions on your record and you haven't filed bankruptcy or had a bunch of stuff go to collections then you are probably fine!

2)I submitted the last few things I needed to HRC and had orders the next day, BUT this is because I finished my packet 20 March (2 days ago), and my report date for school is 1 April (in 10 days).

3)explained in #2

4)when the person who cut my orders for ARC called me he had 3 choices for me to pick from as far as where my first assignment would be, I told him my preference of the 3 but I haven't seen anything regarding that choice on any official orders or memorandums. So I'm assuming you will get those at the end of ARC when they are sure you won't be dropped from the course.

I obviously have not been to ARC yet since I'm going in a week or so but if you reply to this or someone else does and you want me to post while I'm there, I would be more than happy to. Time permitting of course.
Thanks for responding!!! I also just sent HRC the last thing they needed, so I am hoping for some orders soon... Did you receive an e-mail about your RBI being approved, or did they tell you over the phone?? We may see each other at ARC, where are you trying to go???
Yes I received an email saying my RBI came back good and that he (SFC Walls) was just waiting on my completed packet to schedule for school. If You want to go to school soon, I would call HRC and ask if your packet has been processed and if they have anything back on your RBI, and mention you would like to go to school soon. I said I wanted to go ASAP, and I turned my packet in completed last week and I report to school a week from tomorrow. How long ago did u submit your RBI?
Haha, small world, SFC Walls is the person I am working with at HRC, I had to retake my ASVAB because it was one point off the GT score. I retook it and got the score I needed on Thursday and sent him the printout Friday. He told me my packet was complete, and it has been around 4 weeks now for my RBI. I don't have anything major bad about my credit, just wandering why it is taking forever. If I could get a school date in April, I would be one happy camper...I am going to call him first thing tomorrow and see what he tells me, I do want to go ASAP as well..Which assignment preference did u list???
I just received an email that said I've been selected as a recruiter prospect and sent an email back saying that yes I was interested in becoming a recruiter. How long does it take from the position im in now to get it aproved? Looks like maybe about 6 weeks or so? I also have some questions about it and am planning to call them on monday to see if they can answer them.
(SGTneal92A/SSG42A30) Are both of you TPU/Reservists that submitted AGR/Recruiter packets? Im curious about what they gave you for locations? Hopefully california isnt a place that has a critical shortage of recruiters. I never want to live in california again. When i submit my AGR packet for the July 8-12 Board I am also going to submit my recruiter packet. SSG42A, how long after the board meet did you receive an email saying you were placed on the consideration list? Also, Is there a board that apporves the the recruiter packets? Or its just as simple as turning in a packet waiting for approval and gettings orders?
Yes, I am TPU Soldier that submitted the recruiter packet... the day after the board I received an email that I was on the consideration list... it is the same board for all AGR soldiers..

Update, my RBI got approved, should have my orders for school soon!!!
Yes I'm a TPU reservist making the transition to AGR. The time from when I originally got the email saying I was on the consideration list to now reporting to school a week from today, went by very very fast. There's a lot of stuff in the recruiter packet and based on how slow it was to receive responses from my TPU command (your commander and UA sign some documents) I was on the phone with either my unit, HRC, or someone regarding this EVERYDAY! My PT test was outdated, I drove to my TPU unit (80 miles away) an took a PT test and scanned documents back and forth with my commander all day. Scanned my completed (so I thought) packet down to HRC and waited, the next morning SFC Walls calls me and says, we got a problem. My platoon sgt initialed all the event scores and signed the NCIOC box, rendering my PT test invalid, apparently the NCOIC also has to be an E-8 or above. So I drove to the nearest reserve unit to me and took another PT test less than 24hrs after the first one lol sent him that new 705 and within the hour I had my memorandum to school and orders the next morning. I'm told that recruiter schools start weekly, which I'm assuming is true because one starts today and mine starts in 7 days. So u should be able to get an April report date. Like I said before, call call call. I spoke with SFC Walls probly 100 times he never seemed annoyed lol
Oh as for my preference list, I listed Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. I was offered 3 options, 2 in the upper peninsula of Michigan and one in southern Wisconsin. I chose the one in wisconsin. It will be about a 6 hour move for me. Which to me is fine, it seems like a great area with a lot to do less than a half hour away. Once I told HRC which I preferred it was about 2 days later I received an "AGR Recruiting Psoition Offer" which is your official acceptance.
The next day? WOW. okay cool, well was it difficult to get the DD Form 368 process from your TPU unit? Whatever that whole process is? Im sure I dont have all the information I need to complete the packets. was there anything that you found difficult to get your hands on, information wise that I might have more difficulty getting since Im in Afghanistan?
Woa!!! SGTneal, So you just gave them the 3 geographical preference states that you put on the AGR inital tour attachment form? And they narrowed down the states you chose into areas associated with the needs of recruiters? Im not sure how it works but i know for a fact I wont be able to start any kind of movement for school or get any orders cut unit 90days after I redeploy. I hope to have the opportunity to speak to you as you go through this process. Im referring to both of you SGTneal, and SSG42A.
To be 100% honest I really didn't fin anything difficult to get my hands on. As long as you have access to AKO and can get dates the packet asks for like ETS and a lot more specific dates that I don't recall off hand you should be fine. I must have had a drug test on file because it was never mentioned to me but I'm pretty sure I took one before going to Guatemala in the summer. The main thing about this recruiter packet is if you don't know something, knowing how to find it, if you don't know that, ask ask ask. I can help you with anything I can and I will post while I'm at school, and keep you guys up to date on anything you wanna know. I super stoked about it all, while most people will make it doin like recruiting is a suicide mission, I welcome the challenge.
I agree, Ive heard some good and alot of ugly about this job. But Im the same way about challenges. I think i would be better at selling the Army as a full-time job rather than part-time. I saw Afghan male this morning riding a motorcycle with two small young kids riding in front of him on the gas tank, with his wife on the back holding two small kids one in each arm. It was awesome!! SGTneal, im defintely curious about how school is going to go and your PCS process.SSG42A, has HRC given you any specific areas to choose from out of the 3 states you put in your packet? You know, Im sort of confused about why they do the preference map if they limit the options way down.
No, on one of the forms you place your three assignment preferences. I chose Texas, Florida. And Colorado, so far no offer for any place yet, I assume that should be coming soon once I get my orders for school like he did also, we shall see..I too am ready for a challenge and being a Miltech, the difference in pay is way better, not to mention the benefits!!
I was thinking about putting florida as well for the state assignment preferences. As well as Tennessee, and maybe North Carolina. I live in colorado springs and Im ready for someplace new. Either of you speak to a guy by the name of SFC Anglin up at the accessions branch?
Guys sorry I haven't had a chance to post yet, tommorow is day 5 here at ARC for me and I think a total of 7 guys have been dropped so far, 4 for Tattoos and 3 for busting tape. It's crazy busy getting settled in with all the CSM briefs and all kinds of stuff. Homework or "work ahead" assignments every night. Have your Accudent Avoidance Certificate in a digital form in your email to upload when u get here. Know how to do the new PRT. The active duty guys get their assignments Monday, day 7. Us agr's already know. As far as living quarters, you have a room to yourself, bed, microwave, fridge, flat screen, DVD player, 2 closets, a desk. It's pretty much a hotel. But that won't apply to anyone reporting after May 1 because after that they are only lodging ARC students in hotels of post. If you can, POV down here, this place is huge and everywhere you need to be (PT field, school house, px, hotel) is super spread out. PT test the first Wednesday you are here.
Anyone got orders yet or more questions? I'll check in this weekend to answer any I can!
What kind of tattoo issues did those guys get dropped for? If a tattoo isnt visible at all, you should be good to go right? Did you end up getting southern Wisconsin out of the 3 choices they gave you? How many AGR guys are there with you? I never got issued the new Dress Blues, will i have to pay out of pocket to get some before I get there? I would imagine that wearing that uniform would be part of the course requirments. im still working on the AGR packet info right now, and getting my OMPF squared away.OH! so i guess you need to bring a laptop then? or is one issued to you like at Battle Staff? Thanks for the info
Tattoos cannot be visible AT ALL in ASU's! Plain and simple no exceptions. not even a little bit. a guy got dropped because there was a tiny line from his sleeve tttoo that went about a haf inch on to his hand! Yes i officially accepted the Baraboo Wisconsin assignment i was offered, ive done some research and it seems like a nice area. i also called my station and checked in and seen about my sponsor and if they can help me ahead of time finding housing options. There are 10 of us agr guys and the instuctor said thats alot! the class is about 70+. no females at all, that is also rare they said. Do not worry about ASU's, even if you have been issued a set they will issue you another, as far as we know that will be week 4 so fittings can be done by graduation. bring all awards and decorations from your greens. you will also be issued 2 fresh sets of ACU's. you can request a laptop but its an Acer Netbook (SUCKS). if possible bring your own, cac reader also if possible, makes all the signing in involved in homework easier. as far as AGR guys getting NYC i dont think anyone ive talked to has, everyone has been boston, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin.
So the did the AGR guys that got Boston, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin previously pick states in those kinds of areas and thats why they were given those choices? Or did they pick other states in the country, and the needs of the Army didnt leave them any choice but to get stationed in those states?
How do you determine what makes a good place to get sent to? Are there rumors about certain parts of the country that have been tough on recruiters? Tough in a sense of meeting monthly quotas, not tough being away from resources of an army post. how do the rest of the AGR guys feel about their assignments? Any rumors about certain BDEs that need recruiters?
A couple off questions. Are they doing the new pt test or the regular one? And do people just need to pass it or do we have to score 80% or higher on the PT test. Just asking because I had to retake mine because I had scored 77% on one of the events. Also as far like homework what would you recommend on studying up on? I have been going to the recruiter station here and they have been teaching me the process of putting packets together and waivers.
In reference to the guy getting kicked out for his tattoo, was it obsence or anything? I have been working with SFC Macklin from RTR and am awaiting a school date but I have a tattoo on my wrist that can't be seen in any uniform unless I raise my arms high above my head and it can be seen a little tiny bit on my hand but you have to really be staring. I'm tryna ensure that I don't get disqualified or kicked out of school for that being as though I really want to be a recruiter. I sent pics of the tattoo with my is packet and it wasn't a problem. Someone in school please provide me insight. Thanks
i believe the regulation states not to be visible during the wear of the Army Service Uniform, i could be wrong tho. his tattoo was not obscene it just creeped down onto his hand and was visible. everyone who got kicked out for tattoos also mentioned that they had sent pictures and a dd tattoo form and still got orders to school.
havent posted in a while. finishing up week 5 tomorrow and absolutely nothing has been super hard. the 2 regulation tests were nerve racking but out of 75 guys noone failed twice. if u fail the first day you are retrained and take the test again. we have been fitted for our ASU's and pick them up tuesday. we were issued 2 sets of new ACU's. weeks 4-7 are roll playing in a station setting with working phones and all. the station commander course integrates a station commander into your class as a part of their learning curve. ill be honest, its true that u really do have to try to not make it in this course. dont sweat it at all. if you absolutely want to try to prepare for this course familiarize yourself with AR 601-210. especially the disqualifiers. any questions ill check back later and tomorrow.
SGT Cameraguy, I am in your position right now, waiting. Did you ever get a confirmation email from anyone stating that your applicatioin was recieved? I never did. Not so sure its going to turn out OK for me. My latest NCOER never got posted in my OMPF and I have been fighting with HRC and my UA to get it in there, with no luck.

SO, technically my file is not currently updated. We'll see how it turns out. I guess from all the people i ahve talked to, it only takes like a week to get the email saying that you made the list. Not exactly sure though.
11B_Ops_NCO, I emailed the AGR accessions email and the day after SFC Macklin from RTR emailed me and sent me a recruiter packet and some other stuff. She wanted me to go ahead and start sending her parts of the packet. Hopefully the RBI should start next week.

I'm not even technically sure what happens at the AGR consideration board. I doubt they even pull NCOERs. Although you do have to have them for the recruiters packet.

The only thing I'm concerned about is I probably have to get a waiver for a speeding ticket for the RBI. I know it's like something so simply and weird but eh.

I was also told that you have to have another APFT within 30 days of your ARC class start, even though my APFT is from 45 days ago.

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