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SGTcameraguy, so you already got an email saying that you made the consideration list? or did you just email the RTR on your own and they told you to just start on the Recruiter packet. On the HRC website it says that the AGR board looks at your OMPF file during the panel. From the way you wrote your last post, it sounds to me like you made the consideration list and SFC macklin emailed you and said to work on the packet. that is just how i perceive what you wrote. Am i wrong? when did you get an email from Macklin?
11B_Ops_NCO, no I emailed the actual AGR Accessions email, (the one from the HRC website), basically I was concerned about one issue in my file (I attended USMC NCO Academy and not WLC - same thing and transferrable but wanted to clarify) And the next day SFC Macklin emailed me in response to that email and said to start putting a packet together.

I still haven't had an email from the accessions team yet, which is understandable since the board ended yesterday. So I would assume emails will go out this coming week.

I know they look at the OMPF but what they are specifically looking for to qual/disqual with - I have no idea. If you already have NCOERs in there and they are good, then I wouldn't sweat the most recent one not being uploaded yet. Although your command is screwing you by not uploading it. Lucky I am very new to the TPU thing and all of my NCOERs are from active side.
Hi all! I'm currently working an AGR packet with SFC Walls in HRC. I called him yesterday and he said he is still awaiting for my RBI. From what I've read from this forum, it takes about 3weeks or so to get it cleared if there are no major issues. So hoping I hear something at the end of this month. My other concern is that I'm a single parent of two children. SFC Walls said he'll send a waiver. Is there anybody else out there who is also a single parent? How hard would it be as a AGR Recruiter and a single parent at the same time?

Another question is that I chose three geographical preferences to recruit: Guam, Hawaii, American Samoa. What are the chances I'll be around these areas?????? I'm from Guam and currently residing here.

Please advise anybody?????? Thanks!

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