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Please I have been researching to find out which option is best for me in regards to becoming a recruiter.

Here is a bit about me. I was in the army national guard for 3 yrs and was honorably discharged this past February.

I signed up for 3 years because I didn't get the MOS i wanted which is 46Q (Public Affairs).

Before joining the guard, I was a writer and was about to publish my magazine (I finally did in 2011) infact, that magazine landed me a job as the state alternate SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator). I didn't ask for the job but the Chief of that state Air National Guard was intrigued by my passion, talents and putting the magazine together by myself.

So back to what I do, am a writer, I write for my city' newspaper, still publish my magazine, run a nonprofit organization established out of my passion to see girls and family in general succeed despite obstacles. We raise awareness on domestic violence and how victims can seek help, run annual teens expo etc. Basically, I love to write, research, always trying to find ways to find solutions to problems either through events or putting words/ideas together.

The current recruiter am working with wants me to go active duty..he believes the army will help me alot and I will be able to do stuff related to my passion such as working with the SAPR or family advocacy office(s) on base, write and work with military base newspapers. I told him, I have a lot am doing already on the civilian side and I just don't want to ditch the girls I mentor and the families I work with etc.

I went to him to sign up for reserve as 46Q but he claims there are no slots in the state for it but there are for active.

I do not see myself as an active soldier doing any other Mos except 46Q. But last week when I went to Meps to take my asvab, I met 3 new recruits (they inspired my new quest to become a recruiter), these two guys and a female had no idea what they want to do in the military, one has a bachelor's degree, he didn't know with that, he will come in as a specialist and not a private or pfc. I basically exchanged numbers with one to give him and let him know his options.

That encounter at Meps made me realize that I could help several new soldiers as well as the teenagers I work with as a civilian.

So tonight, I called a friend who told me about the AGR recruiting opportunity. Please, I want to find out how I can go about it rather than go active as a recruiter in the regular army.

Thank you for your advice, response. Oh thanks for reading my epistle. Yes, I know it's lonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg.
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As a former Guardsman, now on active duty, I always thought it was always hard to get an AGR position based on competitiveness and the small range of positions to be filled.

First, are you an NCO, to be qualified as a recruiter? <---requirements

Here is the link that provides the details.

I switched to active duty almost 10 years ago and it is a different animal that part-time service. You have to be ready to commit; in the field constantly and be prepared to work in different jobs than your MOS. Do not let the recruiter persuade you if that is not what you want out of life.

Good luck.
Yes, I have read through the site you provided prior to signing up here. I was a bit confused after visiting that site and that's why I came on here to post.

On stayarmyreserve, it states that you must be out of guard, reserve or ad....

Also in regards to the rank, I have furthered my education since the time I was an E-4, so am thinking they might promote me if I am qualified for other requirements except being an E-4.
Once again, thanks for your response.

As it seem now, I just have to re-enlist, join a unit, get selected for the WLC, pass and submit a packet to become an AGR recruiter.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction tonight Chief. I am grateful.

Originally posted by TheWiseChief:
The requirements state that you need to have completed the Warriors Leaders Course (WLC). You need to complete that first before getting promoted. That course is 2 weeks to 30 days depending on the location and you have to be in a unit to be selected to attend.
Log in with AKO credentials. Go to tools. Complete the AGR application. If you meet the qualifications, they will eventually offer you a job.

What is your current status in the Army? A 3 year Guard contract would still leave 5 years of statutory obligation. If you are still in the IRR, you may be able to apply for it now (doesn't look like it if a recruiter is actually working with you).

USAR AGR hires from within the USAR. I've seen it from TPU and from RA (yes, RA troops are actually under USAR contracts) but so far not from the IRR.

If you are IRR, I'd recommend TPU affiliation just to get your records straight. NG has a bad habit of not updating USAR databases.
Daddy Warcrimes: I see that your title is a USAR Career Counslor. Maybe you may give some insights about AGR Recruiting as a single parent. I am currently awaiting RBI clearance from SFC Walls in HRC and he said once that's done, my orders to recruiting school will take place. It has been 3 weeks since my application/AGR packet is in process. Do you know of any single parents as a AGR Recruiter? SFC Walls said he'd run a waiver. I have a complete Family Care Plan. Is it hard to be a single parent and an AGR Recruiter at the same time? I'm a hard worker and I make things happen no matter. I've been in the Army Reserves for a total of 15 years. Out of the 15 years I have been a single parent for 7 years. Been doing good so far. I'm a very determined and hard worker person. I finished my Master's Degree early this year and my last PT score was 299. I got selected to run the Army Ten-Miler for this year, which is my 3rd time participating. I'm a runner. I have a GS-9 full-time job with the Navy as a Program Analyst. Although I am a single parent, I don't see it as a weakness, but instead as a strength to keep me going and aiming to becoming a better individual. Just wanted to get some insights as an AGR Recruiter. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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I understand this is a 2 year old thread.

I am former active duty of 8 years. 14T. I ETS'd with honorable discharge. I have been out for 2 years and decided to reenlist into the reserves. I am currently a SSG 00G. My wife recently enlisted and is currently completing AIT. Because we have children, I have requested a transfer to IRR with the understanding that whatever time I miss from my original contract will get added onto the end of my contract when I rejoin the TPU. My question is that I plan on applying for AGR Recruiter and was wondering if I get called while I'm IRR, will I be disqualified?

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