Greetings fellow members of ASGF. I have a question about being on active duty VS AGR.

Is it easier to go to school full time in AGR vs active duty?

Is it possible to stay in one particular state? And will the AGR pay for your PCS to that location?

My ETS date is MAY2015.
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You do understand that you cannot just transfer to the AGR immediately, when you switch to the National Guard or Army Reserves. It takes some time (it could take years), and depends on MOS and the amount of competition for the job.

Some Soldiers that I met on active duty went on the HRC website and applied for AGR slots. They got accepted and switched over. It is the same benefits as regular Army, except you are a small unit armory/center to work daily instead of a big installation like Fort Campbell. And if you are in AGR and do request to transfer to another location, it will be a similar PCS like the regular Army.

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