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I thought I would make a detailed thread about Air Assault school for those who are interested. I'm stationed here at Fort Campbell, and the brigade I am in you do Air Assault PT for a week before attending the school. There are four prerequisites, (a PT test, a Day 1-10 packing list layout, the obstacle course and a 12 mile foot march in under 3 hours). If you can knock these out in a week you fill out your 4137 and your good to go. If not you keep going to Air Assault PT until you can.

I did my Day Zero yesterday and reported to the school at 0445, they call the whole group up to a horseshoe formation for a quick brief and then fall you in by brigades. They call out your name and give a roster number ID tag which you attach to your belt loop. You head through the "arches" and start sounding off with "Air Assault" on every left foot. They give you a quick smoke by groups which includes Air Assault pushups (thumbs touching), flutter kicks and all that good stuff. Then you fall in to a big formation and you go inside the classroom where they brief you further about the school and what to expect.

After that you head outside and put on your PT shoes for your 2 mile run, which you have 18 minutes to complete (sound familiar?). After that you put your boots back on and head to the obstacle course, they show you how to do every obstacle. They give you a good smoking then you run through it. There are two mandatory ones, The Tough One(rope climb) and the confidence climb, and then 7 minor ones. You have two attempts at each obstacle. After your done you head back to the classroom and they give you a handout on your Day 1 layout and what it should look like. They show in detail how everything should look, they explain the points system and how you enter and exit the classroom.

I will try my best to update this thread everyday with new information.
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Okay, Day 1 down. This morning started off with a six mile foot march which you have an hour and half to complete, think I came in at 1:27, good enough for me. Then we had our day 1-10 layout after a quick rest break. If you didn't know, Air Assault school works on a points system. You can points for many deficiencies, like not having your canteen topped off or not having your canteen carrier on your IBA clipped. Or by being late to formation, a lot of the times points can be worked off at the end of the day.

Anyway, the layout has to be pretty much on point. Its little things like making sure all your buttons are fastened on ACU's and your wet weather top, having all your excess straps taped up on your assault pack, and making sure everything looks neat and orderly. I spent a bit of time on my layout during the 4 day we had this past weekend so I didn't accumulate any points. It does suck thought to see some people get dropped for dumb stuff, although they had plenty of time to get ready so I don't feel too bad.

After we came back from breakfast we had classes on different helicopters and their characteristics, as well as AEROMEDEVAC and aircraft safety. They give you an Air Assault handbook on all this stuff, just takes a little studying. Lastly we had an hour long class on hand and arm signals which we will be tested on Thursday along with the written test.

Some things about Air Assault that aren't so fun. One is the "mockup", which is two old aircraft fuselages out in a field, when they get fed up with us they yell "to the mockup!" and we have to run out there and run back. Let me tell you that thing is way out there and takes a lot out of you, especially when a black shirt beats you back and you bear crawl back to formation. Also saying Air Assault on every left foot really takes your breath away.
Days 2 and 3 down. I wanted to post last night but I was quite tired and was studying for the test we had today. Okay Day 2 started off with some MEDEVAC PT, which included litter and buddy carries, as well as regular PT. After breakfast we had classes on CCA (close combat assault) as well as Pathfinder operations. This included classroom and out in what they call "PZ 1", a field next to the school.

We had a brief review of all the classes we were given, which included helicopter characteristics, Aircraft safety, AEROMEDEVAC operations, CCA and Pathfinder. This morning we had our Phase 1 test which was a 50 point multiple choice exam which you have one hour to complete and need a 70% or better to get a go. The exam also included a hands on portion which you had to properly execute 10 hand-arm signals (7/10 for a go). We had about 20 no go's on the written part.

After we came back from breakfast/lunch, we had a 2 hour block on basic sling loading procedures and rigging of different equipment, vehicles, etc. Then we went out to the "motorpool" area and we watched the instructors rig up a few loads(fuel blivets, M149A2 water buffalo and the 15x15 ft cargo net). Then we did our five and dimes and left for the day.

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