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Hi, I'd like to apologize in advance if I'm using this forum incorrectly. I don't use these boards a lot and am unfamiliar with how things work. I am a civilian pilot (fixed-wing) and just finishing up my Master's degree. I would like to apply to WOFT. I've been speaking with a recruiter, and he seems to think I have a great shot at getting in because of my experience, education, and prior service. My question is two-part: 1) What are the Army's current procedures of assigning aircraft to flight students? I've heard that students take a test, which then matches his/her personality and aptitude to a specific aircraft, but I've also heard that it is strictly by "Order of Merit." And 2) Could I be forced into Apaches if I don't want them? The reason I ask is because although I love both the military and flying, I don't know that I have an "aggressive" enough personality to fly Apaches, and the focus for this airframe seems to be just as much on weapons as on aviation. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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According to "Aviators" on AKO (they prefer the term over "pilots"), it's Order of merit list.

However, I think less students want Chinook and Blackhawk, so I BELIEVE the Apaches and Kiowas get picked first.

Remember no matter which aircraft you're assigned, they all have weapons mounted on them. They pretty much all belong to "Combat Aviation Brigades" unless you graduate up to Special Forces. It's still the Army.
Like autobahn said it's an order of merit selection. If the entire class was given apaches (can't imagine that would be likely) or if everyone else just doesnt want to fly that system you could end up with it.

That said it's far more likely you would be flying blackhawks or chinooks if you wanted to. Kiowa's are another option, but to be honest they're just as "aggressive" as apaches.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate the feedback. I didn't realize that most guys wanted Apaches; so, is it a safe bet that if I don't want them, then I won't get them? Don't get me wrong: I think Apaches are cool as hell, and I understand that Blackhawks also carry armament. But to my understanding, that armament is a bit more conservative and used more "defensively" than the weapons carried by Apaches. Am I wrong about this? Thanks, again.
The Apache is an attack craft, plain and simple. Blackhawks are "utility"- you could even ask for Medevac later and not have any weapons on the aircraft.

I hear the Kiowas are "true" flying- the others have a lot of computer-assist in them nowadays, especially Blackhawk "UH-60M".
Blackhawks have door gunners, i suppose you could say it's more defensive. Like I said nothing is 100% in the army, you could end up in apaches even if you didn't want to, but it's not likely.

Apache pilots have tons of computer assisted stuff to help them as well as their helmet which is used for targeting. Kiowas are old as shit, and tiny so there's not as much in them.

Don't know why you're so worried about weapons though. I realize you don't particularly want that air frame but they're not supermen. I see tons of apache pilots miss their targets with rockets, hellfires and guns all the time. They're accurate with their guns most of the time but it's only because their helmet does a lot of the work.
well, I wouldn't say I'm super worried about weapons. I do understand that it is the Army and that combat is the job. I think that weapons, at least to some degree, will be a part of my life even as a Hawk pilot. but it seems that, for the Apache flyers, powerful weapons are more of a primary thing. I just want to make an informed decision because I know that the Army spends a lot of time and money on training its aviators. So, if I decide that I'm not a good fit, then now is the time to do it. This is a tough decision for me to make because, honestly, if someone offered me an immediate job as an Apache pilot, I'd say no. but if I was offered a spot on a hawk, I'd say Hell Yes!
Well best of luck to you. Like everything's been said most people prefer Kiowas or Apaches so you have a good chance at ending up with a Blackhawk or Chinook but it's also dependent on what airframes are available at graduation. Whatever you decide, you're already doing the right thing and researching so i'm sure you'll do well.

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