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My husband is thinking about reclassing to 25E. Since it is a fairly new MOS there isn't much info on the web about it and what is out there I have read. Can anyone fill me in on where AIT is and how long? Also are there certain posts we are more likely to be stationed at with this MOS? Any other input would be much appreciated as well!
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Go to the link below and you will find info on the MOS such as course length, scope and other useful information. I looked into reclassing into this MOS but just decided to stay in my current MOS. Tells you how much I love my job because I reupped for no bonus, haha. Anyways, some of the prerequisites I can remember right off the top of my head is your current MOS has to be a 25 series MOS, have a GT an EL of 105, be an E-6, and an ALC graduate. I also think you may need a college course in algebra or something like that but that just might be a recommendation since 25Es deal with a lot of math.

The school which is about 10 weeks in length is conducted at Fort Gordon, GA. Really he could be stationed anywhere as far as duty stations are concerned. That is why the Army created the MOS because frequency managers are in such short supply. Before this MOS existed, soldiers would just be sent TDY to attend a frequency manager course in Fort Gordon after which they would be awarded a D9 ASI.
25E would normally be assigned to an S-6 at Bde level or higher. Works frequencies for SINCGARS, JNN, MBITR, etc...

Generally would be assigned to BCT or division, but there are lots of spots out there all over.

AIT is at Gordon, not sure how long it is. Check, go to Units- 15th Signal Bde, I BELIEVE it's 442nd Bn.

Some would say promotions are high, and yes they're understrength right now for SFC. There aren't a ton of slots higher than that, most of them have been filling up quick.
According to the MILPER message he does not have to be a 25 series MOS to reclass to 25E and that is as of today. Thanks so much for the info on where the school is and what BN it is a part of. He meets all other requirements for the reclass so I am crossing my fingers that this will happen! He is Infantry and we have loved our badass infantry life for 8 we are ready to take it easy! Plus the bonus doesn't hurt either! =) Thanks again everyone!!

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