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So I have been trying and trying to get a straight answer on ALC Common Core. I know that it is required for ALC points to count. I am about to finish my resident portion of ALC. I still need ALC Common Core. Some are telling me that I have to put in a 4187 to even be put on the list. Others are saying that I would be auto-enrolled once I complete the resident course. Which is it? What do I personally have to do to ensure I don't get left out of the loop. I really need ALC points to have any chance at making cutoff. As a medic, it is damn near impossible for me to convince my command to send me to any resident courses such as EO, UA, or any others. Someone with some real info on this please advise.
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When I was in my resident phase of ALC we were being told that a 4187 had to be filled out in order to be enrolled in the Common Core portion.

I personally had the CC phase done before the resident phase. But I emailed the NCOES manager at HRC asking about the CC phase and they enrolled me in it without the 4187.
I recently completed both. After completing the resident course I submitted a 4187 and was put on a list then taken off the list. After emailing the POC for ALC CC I was slotted for the next class. Of course I had a good amount of PP as well as TIG and TIS so that helped a little.

Submit the 4187.
I contacted SFC Kopp via e-mail and was pretty much turned away with him stating that I would be automatically en-rolled when they had space. Without the Common Core I am in the same boat as others and there is no chance of even meeting cut-off scores or getting close. How does your TIG/ TIS come into play when you are requesting ALC Common Core?

Also, currently I am TDY. How/ who would I submit the 4187 to if that is what needs to be done? Submit it through my temp. Unit or through my Unit in Germany?
TIS/TIG comes into play in terms of the OML. If you have more TIS/TIG then 90% of the other SGTs on the list to go to ALC CC then you will be placed in front of them. You will still have SSGs in front of you that have yet to complete ALC CC but it will at least put you towards the front of the line. Also when the class is put out they have a certain time for the SSGs/SGTs selected for the course to reply. If they don't reply, they lose their slot and then someone off the reserve list is selected for the next course.

I submitted my 4187 and it was rejected. I then emailed HRC and explained the situation and the next email I received was an email from ATRSS stating I was enrolled in the next ALC CC course so I think I was in the right place at the right time.
Out of all of the things that frustrate me in the Army this is the worst. I am in an MOS that requires 798 points for promotion to SSG. I have 4 years left until I hit 15 years, which is RCP for SGT(P) (That has changed to 14 years, but I re-enlisted before the change). I emailed SFC Kopp and received an auto-reply that SGT(P) would not be enrolled in ALC Common Core as SFC and SSG have priority.

So basically the Army is saying, "You have to complete ALC to get promoted. Oh and btw, you can't get ALC."

It feels like I'm being told to go fuck myself.

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