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This is a follow-on to one of my previous posts. I am now in Korea, hence the lack of support on my end. I came to Korea DA Selected for Phase 2 and the command is allowing me to go. Phase 2 is still on my ATRRS, but DTS shows nothing. I contacted branch who in turned got me in touch with the Phase 2 Coordinator (no reply yet because of 4 day). I contacted my old unit and they showed nothing in DTS. DTS profle had been updated for Korea.

A couple of my seniors told me to go to DTS in Yongsan (over an hour away) with my reservation and they'll create the entry so I can set up travel (ALL of our support is in Yongsan). Every other time I went TAD/TDY I had actual orders and DTS was already updated. Others told me to contact the Phase 2 Coordinator (which I did). I'm trying to get everything straight so I dont waste time, money and a trip.

Phase 2 was previously defered twice due to manning levels and deployment so I'm try to get it finished.

Thank You all in advance.
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What the error was the unit Im with isnt a major command so we were never officially in DTS. The managers added the unit, created a unit code and fixed the funding accounts. There simply wasnt enough time to complete the package once everything got taken care of. Plus goverment charge cards are nowthree weeks for receipt.
The deferment got sent out a few days ago. I wasn't able to attend school, but atleast DTS is now fixed for my entire unit.
Thanks again for all of the responses I didn't reply to, its been a chaotic couple of weeks over here.

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