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25B here trying to attend the second portion of my NCOES.

Long story short:

Applied through the unit back on 1OCT10, sent to the Battalion, and then to HRC, 2-3 weeks later I receive an e-mail that the quota for the specified date has been met and that I need to apply for a new date. So I did, twice now, equalling three total times. After the third denial I contacted my branch manager for assistance, and his direct words on this matter is to let the schools' NCO do his job. I'm not receiving any help on this matter. I've brought it to the attention of my CoC and NCO Support Channel. It's very irritating that a friend and fellow NCO can complete ALC DL Phase I after my completion date, and already be selected to attend Phase II (he's a 42A). Literally a week or two from his completion of the DL he had received a tentative date for the second phase. I know that he is a different MOS but come on!

Five months later and still no date. Not sure what to do now.

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Im sorry to hear about that man hopefully it works out, crap I didnt even complete the DL phase 1 and I already got the email with my ALC phase 2 dates (a year out), went to school, graduated and still waiting to see how to enroll into phase one so I can be an actual "graduate of ALC" hehehe
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I have another update. If your interested in enrolling in ALC-CC.

You can send an email with your SNL to the email address listed on the message itself or to Mr Baptiste, who is the HRC point of contact for ALC-CC, her number is DSN 221-5362 or email her at .

TransAm, I e-mailed the person above, and about two weeks later received notification that I have been enrolled into ALC Phase 1 DL.

See more here - http://community.armystudyguid...3041/m/254101203/p/1

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