Am I nervous for no reason?

So it seems like everywhere I go now days all I hear is the budget this, the budget that. "We don't have money to order parts." "Federal Civilians to go on furlough if the sequestration cuts come into place." Etc, etc.

I am scheduled to attend 35L school starting in April. I have just received my TDY orders and there is a part on there that says this:


So I'm getting a little nervous that I may not be able to attend the school that I worked almost two years to get into. Am I nervous for no reason?
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What is currently driving funding in our unit is unit funding vs Big Army (i.e MTSA, etc) funding. Unit funded activities are about at a standstill, while we are still sending people out for professional development, etc.

Same here. Anything Pre-Deployment or Career Oriented (IE: ALC, SLC, WLC) is still getting funded but anything we have Bn Oriented (IE: UPL, Master Driver, Combatives) is at a standstill.
The reason why it says that is because the government (Army included) is funded under a continuing resolution that expires at the end of the month. There is a push by both sides of congress to pass a bill that will fund the goverment through the end of the year (end of Sept) however if that isn't passed (or something similar) by the end of the month then the government shuts down. You'll remember a year or year and a half ago when the government shut down briefly (if I remember it was only for a couple of days) and there was talk about us not getting paid. Fortunately the timing worked out and everyone managed to get paid on time. Same applys for your travel. They can't obligate funds for your TDY because there is currently no budget that covers that time frame.

As far as what happens to the class if it is delayed, I would hazard to guess that it would be canceled. The reason for this is because all of these major courses (reclass, ALC, SLC, WOBC, etc.) are usually tightly scheduled to the point that the end of one runs into the start of the next. If you start one late (even a week) it can have a huge ripple effect down the line on future dates. Its the same reason why an airline is much more likely to cancel a flight rather then just delay it.

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