So, my recruiter had been telling me that due to most of the army's slots being filled up from the kids just getting out of high school, I wouldn't go in for months after I picked my job. However, come time to actually choose my job, the liason tells me that a large number of slots suddenly opened up, and the 25s MOS I wanted has no slots at all, not even in FY10. After picking my next best choice of 25L, I am told I leave on August 26th, and that there's nothing I can do to get a later date besides pick a job I don't want. This happened on the 6th.

Needless to say, I am panicking. I know this all was no one's fault in particular, I'm just unlucky. BUT, I really, REALLY needed the time to prepare. I am absolutely horrible at running, and I'm not even sure if I can properly complete the mile, much less run it fast enough. The push ups and sit ups I'm not worried about, but I REALLY don't want to get sent to a fitness platoon or fail BCT because I couldn't run fast enough.

Am I screwed? If I can at least get the mile down, do I stand a chance of passing basic? I'd really love to know. :/

Also, if anyone is a 25L in here, I'd love to hear what daily life is like at your job, and what AIT was like.
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Dont worry, the army will get you into shape..By the time you get done with basic, i gurantee you will run the 2 mile in less than 15 min. 54 seconds..
Yash you don't mention if you are male or female, but as a female, I was horrible at running too. They evaluated us at a mile and determined our run time. At the time, my time was a 9-minute something mile, and I couldn't even imagine doing that second mile. When I graduated AIT 6 months later I maxed my run with a 15:11 two-mile. No matter how bad you are, they will work you until you pass. An NCO will not let you fail, because then THEY are failing YOU. Go find a track, and run the 4 laps. Take a day off, then run 4 1/2, or 5 if you can. Keep adding a little bit. You probably will fall out of some runs, but that's not the end of the world. Your DS might ride you a little harder, but just know it's b/c you need a little extra work. You won't fail, just stay off sick call and off of profile and you will be fine. Welcome to the best Army in the world.
Originally posted by That325iGetsDown:
Welcome to the best Army in the world.

+1! Big Grin

Basic Training is meant to make even the most out-of-shape human being into the beginnings of a Soldier. Don't stress about it.

As long as you can continually run for 10-15minutes you'll be fine. The first physical training fitness test (PT) that you do is seriously easy. Most people passed without having trained at all. It's after you get started that the PT gets hard. Wink
-Don't give up. Many Soldiers wait until the Drill Sgt isn't looking and take a break from the exercises. I did the opposite- I never took a break except for the brief second or two he Was looking at me. They didn't ride me for that since I was pushing hard and scoring well on the PT tests.
-Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Just improve your own fitness.

25L is the go-to Soldier- the Cable Guy. Big Grin
You will definitely be busy once you finish training- running small ethernet cable to someone's computer, or splicing/terminating fiberoptic cable, or digging ditches to put in huge multi-fiber or copper cable.

OR sometimes they hand you the end to the cable (which is on a 1/4mile reel,) and say, "Walk that way."

Take advantage of all the classes you can get your hands on- the experience prepares you to make some decent buck$ after the Army, working for telecom or cable companies. (Especially fiber optics and the larger cable splicing.)
Awesome replies, thanks guys.

Lemme share a bit more about my situation. That325iGetsDown, I'm a male. And I just started running yesterday, and will be running every other day until it's time to ship about. I was able to run for a good 9 1/2 minutes, so I'm starting to feel confident I can nail down the mile by the time I leave. What I'm afraid of the most is failing my final PT exam. I was in Air force basic training back in 2008, and I ultimately was discharged because of my inability to run a mile and a half in 12 minutes. Even with 7 weeks of a special "get-fit" flight, I came as close as a 12:20 run time, but it wasn't enough, and that's what has me spooked about the army. I ran as hard as I could many times during my 14 week stay in Air force Basic training, and I just couldn't do it.(Granted, the actual reason I was discharged for was because I apparently had something called runners knee, but I was able to get that fixed up when I got sent home, and now I'm in the army this time after getting all my waivers and my RE code changed from 4 to 1)

AutobahnSHO, I'm totally looking forward to my job. I've always wanted to do this for the civilian world, and now the Army is giving me a chance and valuable training too. I'm going to be shooting for all kinds of certifications and classes, though I want to see how I like the Army before I run off and say I'm getting out in 4 years.

What else do you know about 25L? I'll take anything you can tell me. Anecdotes, common tasks, how often I'd be working outside of my MOS, deployment rate, anything.

I'm glad I got off my butt and made this topic, I feel way better about my situation now. Big Grin
Like others said you will be just fine. I give you props for at least giving shit about your physical condition before you show up. Cant say the same about the rest of your peers. I am not sure what kind of work out routine you got going but it would be very beneficial if you threw some sprints in their also. PM me you want more specific details. But good luck.

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