im slated to go to ancoc early this year,i understand that all the books i was told you have to carry around no longer exist,the course underwent a major poi change but i dont know what it is,heard they even dropped drill and cerimony,could u give me some feedback on this
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I went to ANCOC this past summer and the course was in need of updating - i.e., FM 3-0 vice FM 25-100/101. They still had drill and ceremonies and all other topics just like BNCOC. :idea: If you want some more information - such as references used and other ANCOC specific information - send me an e-mail to and I can e-mail you some very helpful information.
Back in the day we carried rucksacks full of TMs and FMs, and some ARs and such. However, I was an instructor for awhile and left the platform back in 01. The Academy there had changed over to Lap-Top, and CD pubs. Not to sure if that is still true or not. For the most part, the first two weeks are only "core subject" which "was" open book, then you went into MOS related, from that point all closed book and only a couple per subject.
Make sure you can brief well, and speak your ARTP manual while hanging upside down.
The one and only subject / task that brought any heat was the 1 hour time line to write a complete OPORD.
Whats your MOS? ANCOC will be different for each MOS. I just got thru with BNCOC and talked to some of the ANCOC students who said they did the same as us. We did D&C and all tests were open book whether it was Core subjects or MOS related. All of the books given us were indeed outdated.
For those of you worried about D&C, don't be. I just finished ANCOC and the SGLs need more training on it first. They don't teach you much there. You go to General Dyn and that is the most you learn. You try to up their standards, but most of them are just there for a paycheck and to get out of deployment. For the ones that are there for the right reason, I am not talking to you. The majority of them, WOW!!! There is no example unless you want the one that falls out of runs, hardly show up to your classes, do not make AR 600-9, need D&C classes, and I can keep going. I learned more in BNCOC. I expected more. I think the Army spends too much money and time on something so worthless and just plain "through the motions" school. I am not a complainer. I just expected professionals and a high standard. I was proud to put on SFC and now I see some of my peers and don't feel like I have acomplished much. If you read this, don't get offended. You are a SFC, Be the Standard!!!

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