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I just made the SFC list and was looking at the signal webpage for ANCOC. The webpage says the course will be going from 16wks of lenght to 6wks. Does anyone know anything about this? I'd like more info that the one provided on the signal webpage, there is not a lot there. Thanks.
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Best bet is to call the NCO Academy at Ft Gordon and find out from ANCOC Operations NCO the specs about the course. The course length give on ATTRS has not been updated and takes 2 years to catch up to what it really is. I called the BNCOC Ops NCO and found out that upcoming BNCOC class will graduate WAY earlier than what's mentioned on ATTRS. I believe the Ops NCO phone number is on that same page.
Yes the course are being adjusted. Your course has not made the full conversion yet but I do belive it has changed some. The OPS NCO is not the best person to talk to but if you call him/her and ask to talk to that SGL they are the one who will be able to let you know. I am a BNCOC and ANCOC SGL here at Gordon and ALOT of things are chaging here so your best bet is once you have a class date/class number give them a call.
I completed SLC about 6 months ago. I spent the first 5 or 6 weeks in a hotel off post (Days Inn on Gordon Hwy) Then several classes graduated and pretty much my entire class got notices that we had to movie in Army lodging on post next to the NCO Academy. So I guess its hit or miss depending on the availability of rooms on post. Personally I preferred living on post. Not having to drive to PT, free breakfast, wifi. Only downfall is you share a bathroom and the miniature twin beds.
Like SFC Clark says, totally hit or miss. If you don't have a car you could push that issue and get barrakcs maybe, if you're on-post in lodgint it's still pretty far from the Academy. (couple miles)

Everyone I knew at the NCO academy had a car or bummed rides everywhere.
Hello all,

I know this was thread was started in '08, but I have just graduated SLC and thought I would update.

Lodging was all on post, and I stayed right by the academy. No one in any of the classes that I know of, stayed off post.

I was disappointed with most of the course, since I am a reclass from CA, I was hoping to learn more than just how to pass a test.

SGL's seemed to be professional for the most part, and offered guidance if needed. For the most part everything is student led.
PT is almost non-existent.

We went to the field, and FYI, they do not issue TA-50 at FT Gordon, and not sure how so many people cant read a simple packing list.

On a final note, if you are going to the Signal RNCOA, please read everything on the website and pack what’s on the list. Senior NCO's should be prepared, and with that being said come to the course meeting 600-9 standards.

Changes are supposed to be coming in October, and they are lengthening the course by a few weeks and also bringing back the PT test.
The SGL rumor mill stated if you fail PT or tape, you will finish the course but still have a marginal 1059. Why units are sending these NCOs that do not meet the standards, I have no clue. But the 1SG checklist is either being forged or the Support channel is broke.

Anyone have any question please let me know, and I hope this info helped!
It's looking like I will be going to SLC soon. I am a 25N, and the question was really never answered as to how long it lasts. If anyone has recently graduated SLC, how long were you there? I understand there were changes made, I saw them at ALC, but now that they have been implemented, what is the time frame?

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