hey guys/gals like most of the other post in this section its a bout NCOER Appeal.

I have a long f-ed up story but will spare everyone from 1000's of words of bias non-sense.

Long story short is I have a couple questions.

currently I am 9W re code under the new MILPER messaged because I got a 4/3 and No's on a NCOER at current grade E-6.

I submitted an appeal IAW 623-3 it got accepted at HRC to be forwarded to the SRB at the pentagon under priority 2.

questions are

have you ever known any one to actually get a favorable outcome from and NCOER appeal?

Does it really take 8-12 months for disposition?

is it mandatory to include the outcome from the commander's inquiry IAW AR623-3 section II 4-4.(I never requested one, yes I know it was a big mistake but I have done so know after the fact)

also I reviewed both AR and DA pam 623-3, can you resubmit and appeal if new evidence is discovered?

if any one has first hand feed back thanks a lot, its just I have talked to just about ever NCO I have come across and only one has never submitted an appeal and it was denied because he never requested an CDR inquiry.
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Naah, Sarge. You're NOT f'ed. You just gotta be diligent.

I don't personally know the person or how true it is, but I once read that an NCO appealed one NCOER 10x's before he got the results he wanted. If you feel that strongly about your situation, and have supporting evidence, you always have a chance.

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