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I had ayet another question on 11B, I have been deployed and all id one was sit in a tent playing video games, and whn i did things i would do convoys and security(gate duty) if i am an 11B would i get to kick in doors and do rocon missions. how could I get into a recon platoon? And where do alot of the Airborne infantry guys go as in duty station?
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Everything depends on stationing. When you join the infantry side of the house you need to understand that by nature, life is going to suck. It will be uncanny, in that you will look back and say, "Damn... last time I was here it was chill, all I did was sit around and play video games".

But that's neither here nor there.

11B's, depending on what their taskings in country are, often do patrols and by nature the patrols include local national engagements. Be this kicking in a door or knocking and saying hello to people to remind them that the nice americans are in the area and asking them if they have any issues you can help them resolve (yes it sucks, but you do ask these questions).

Regardless, some 11B units are tasked for security such as the Central Iraqi Courts, where they are less likely to be kicking in doors.

Some drive around, some walk around. Either way, it usually makes for long days and sore muscles which everyone experiences I'm sure.

As far as getting into a recon platoon, don't worry about it. Worry about reclassing first. Be a stud, and express your interest to your first line supervisor and they are likely to give you an honest answer one way or the other.

Airborne infantrymen go many places. If after airborne school you go to an airborne infantry unit there is the 82nd in North Carolina, 4/25th in Alaska, and 173rd in Vincenza, Italy. Not to mention the special operations elements.

of course you could just be assigned to any old unit, but that's the gist of it.

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