any 13f willing?

Ihave a plethora of questions regarding this MOS ( Im PS rejoining as 13f on 28 april) I would like some general info on ait.

namely is PS separated at ait like some other MOS?

Ive heard rumors about not getting PCS leave to move my stuff from co to my duty station. confirmation etc? Im coming back as junior enlisted.
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when you get to ait they will house you seperately from the non-ps, atleast for me and a few others they did, not different barracks just a seperate wing. they were building new barracks out back when i was there june 2008 so they may house you guys together now. you will be allowed certain privileges; ie you can drive to class, you will set in the back by the instructors, ALOT of bs that the non-ps guys have to go through. the only ones that got pcs leave from my class was the guys who had families, but we only got like 2 weeks, everybody else had to show up to their post the same, or next, day.
Hopefully you get linked in with SFC McGuffey and SSG Colon....there is another SSG that is with those 2 but I cannt remember his name for the life of me....those 3 are really good instructors there. SSG Colon will make it "eventfull" for you...his kind of hiliarious in a weird way. SFC McGuffey knows his stuff so pay attention if you get him!
hey Sgt FISTer,

thanks for the advice.. im in WTC atm.. pt done .... CLS done... ( yes they make paramedics with current cert do CLS.. it was fun) and this tues is BRM which im anticipating wont be an issue. Im curious about soldiers with dependants. I have a daughter Id like to visit before I do another 6 weeks of training and pick up my truck/ tv, etc etc.

think Ill be able to pull that off?

Im also wondering when I get to do my ask sheet for perm party but C 1/79th in Ft Sill doesnt have a lot of info more than " youll get to your dream sheets eventually" since I have a home in colorado Id like to be in Carson and get a 4th ID patch from deployment.

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