Any information about reenlisting for Ranger Regiment?

I'm currently a SPC with 6yrs time in service. I reenlisted for the 68WM6 (smartest dumb thing I've done in my life.) program back in 2010. Midway thru the course we were notified that 68WM6 will become its own MOS 68C in OCT2013. I didnt want to drop/quit the course because I think the ranger regiment would see that as "this guys a quitter" no way in hell he's coming here. So I was screwed if I quit and I'm screwed because I'm a 68WM6. SMH.

I don't like being a 68WM6 and want to keep my 68W MOS. If it gets changed to 68C how would I get back my 68W MOS? I can't 4187 the ASI M6 away because I still have to serve 1 more year as a M6 according to my reenlistment. Would I have to reclass for it and do the 68W course all over again?

Lets say I can keep my 68W MOS. How does reenlisting for Ranger regiment work? Would I go to the regiment and then they send me to RASP? Or would I go to RASP then to the Regiment? Also the GT requirements for Ranger Medic. The slideshow on their website for the Ranger Medic presentation says all you need is a GT of 110, on the paper application its states that you need a GT of 115 (highest GT requirement I've ever seen.) My GT is 111, it was 106 but I went to the class to raise it so I could do this or SFAS.

Any help or information would be greatly appriciated. If all else fails I guess I can try out for SFAS. If you require more information I can provide it.
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You are really locked into that ASI. I have seen people submit a memorandom to drop ASI's like P1, but they also did not have any Service Remaining Requirement, and they are doing this before the whole 68C thing.

Talk to your "Badge Wearing" Career Counselor to see if you have any other ways to accomplish this. What your asking to do is right up there with finding a unicorn. Really......its up there with finding a unicorn.

I have to ask you a question now, and please be honest, if you wanted such action and adventure, why did you pick such a soft MOS?
I wanted to become a better medic, I owed that to my brothers in arms to become better if not the best. Deployed once as a 68W. But I also wanted something to take with me in case I got involuntary separarated from the army. I also had no clue that having the M6 ASI would disqualify me from going to the Ranger Regiment, in fact I thought it would raise my chance of going there, until I actualy emailed the medical NCO there (half way into M6 program). I also reenlisted at the last moment too, originaly planed on ETSing, so thats bad planning on my part. I wont die if I cant get into the Ranger Regiment, theres more options to choose from. Just a bunch of bad planning and last moment decisions.
Darth Hater,

I cant answer specific MOS questions but, with regards to units, you might want to try contacting a 160th SOAR recruiter.

You'd get some good additional training as a medic and they may be able to help you in your quest to remain a 68W.

Just a thought.

Good luck.

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