any quartermaster questions?

[color=olive:35fa8876ea][/color:35fa8876ea]i'd like to start off by saying i don't know everything about supply, but i do believe in sharing knowledge. i have run three very different supply rooms and worked in a pbo. if anyone has questions about property accountability and all the elements that go with it, or would like to share some significant finding, i challenge you to step forward and SHARE.
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[color=olive:b7cf7fca11][/color:b7cf7fca11]there's a few jobs that fall in the quartermaster family...quartermasters are unit supply (92Y) or automated logistics (92A). cooks, water purification and petroleum MOS's are included as well check out this should answer any questions you have...if you know which part of the QM Corps your family member joined...sorry, i really can't answer your question...perhaps next time! Big Grin

i know this it absolutely terrible to admit, but since there's no shame in my game, here goes...i'm TIRED of being a Y...i want to transfer to A...i have absolutely no idea how this will work, but i know there are some things that i need to manuever professionally before take the leap...
if you don't mind my asking, to what types of units have you been assigned?

my units have been (in order even):

MI (motor pool)
IN(motor pool)
CMMC(that's CORPS Material Management Center)
and I'm currently in a TSC here in Korea again.

As an A, you can literally go to any type of unit ... if they have a motor pool, you could wind up there. I'm not sure about the Y side, but I know once you reach E5 in A, you can't reclass .... they need us too badly.
[color=olive:88cbfe6736][/color:88cbfe6736]i see more versatility going the A route. i'm a sergeant (e-5) working on the P, and i am sick and tired of hand receipts. my future as a Y is not appealing at all. i will be stuck in 4-shops and pbo's until i retire and i just don't want to do that. as a Y i have been in signal, pbo, maintenance, and now cid. every unit is the SAME: fix the hand receipts and the property accoutability because the previous shmuck didn't do their job. i'm tired of wiping asses and getting the paper in which to wipe them.
when i was in the pbo, i worked at the dmmc and there were A's EVERYWHERE...pbo, cssamo, gso, cl ix...
i love being a qm, and i hope i get to establish myself as a true logistician.
i still have to talk to the branch manager and find out if they'll even let me go because Y's are short too.
thanks for responding, if i have any further questions, i will certainly write you!
If you need help with supply don't hesitate to ask. I have been on TRADOC, Field Artillery, Aviatin and Military Inteligence with Aerial exploitation assets. I do no t consider my self an expert, but I am sure that everyone will agree that the best way to help is by sharing knowledge. For the guys trying to reclass from Y to A keep in mind that both MOS are on the shortage list so it will be very dificult to get reclassified.
I am reclassing from 42L to 92F, any problems with that job? Where are some places to be stationed as a 92F? I'm hoping to get stationed in 505th QM BN Okinawa, Japan once I and my reenlistment NCO calls the QM Branch. Is it hard to get that duty station? What is the job description of a 92F?
I'm a 92Y and I've been every position from Armorer to BN S-4 NCOIC (the position I hold now). When I was a young SPC at Ft Bragg, my first line was a promotable E-5 92A...he helped me get promoted to E-5 and we've been tracking each other ever since. I made E-6 and E-7 before him...and he JUST made E-6. I admire all of the things that 92As do...but, as far as bottle necks at E-5. I've known many E-5Ps...who've had to do back flips in order to make the 1 or 2 points to reach seven-ninety-never. I will admit that this job is not as interesting as some of the other jobs and that being a supply guy or gal is not 'sexy'....but, we do provide a vital service to our units in combat and the reason why we are so short. is due to the high turn-over within our MOS. Good luck on your decision.
Man. You guy's are starting to kill me. As the weeks/Days/Months go by. I am beginning to realize I don't want to be in the 92A career field. The promotions do pay a big part in it. Yet for some odd reason they don't allow us to reclass. IMHO there is no love for a QM Soldier outside of a QM company/Batt.

So in saying that I am tired of my peers passing me up for promotions. It seems like as soon as they go to the board they pin on where as I have to take college courses, max apft, get awards(and you have no control over that). They walk into the board and come out with stripes lol.

But every MOS does have it's perks. What are some of the Perks of being a 92A or 92F?

IE Admins never lose there own paperwork or things like that.

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